Dear ladies, tying the knot is not the last step of your bridal journey. Your wedlock is just the beginning of a new innings of your life. A lot of major work begins to post your wedding day and the one thing that will come in handy for those days is your beauty kit with all the makeup essentials. Your beauty kit consists of all the vital beauty products that will make you look your best all the day long. No matter what the occasion is, a good beauty kit can be a life savor. From a lustrous highlighter to a lovely eye shadow, you must have all the important products that will help you to glow as a bride even after your wedding day.

So, today we have decided to make a whole list of products that you’re going to get from Nykaa. Trust us ladies, you’re gonna get ‘em all!

1. Bobbi Brown Lipstick

A Bobbi Brown lipstick is a must for all you ladies who have recently tied the knot. These lipsticks are a classic and go on for so long that you’re sorted for a good amount of time. Another plus point about this lipstick is the fact that it can be donned on so many different occasions and with so many different clothes that you’re sorted.

2. Clinique Night Serum

Ladies, no matter how much make up you apply to your face, you need to do a before and after skincare routine to keep your skin soft and gentle. Clinique night care cream is your go-to product to ensure the well-being of your skin when you’re sleeping. All you newly wedded ladies should have this magical bottle in your bag!

3. M.A.C Concealer

Almost all girls have bags under their eyes. This can be due to lack of sleep, stress, or even hereditary. While sleeping on time will massively fix this issue, a great instant solution is to invest in a concealer. Whether you need to even the skin tone or use a colour corrector, we have that one-stop product that will change your life. Ladies, introducing the M.A.C Conceal which comes in various colours and uses. All you gotta do is identify which colour you need for what kind of use and you’re sorted.

4. Benefit Cheek Tint

Benefit Cheek Tint is the product you need for the better finishing of your makeup. The colour of this tint is amazing and the best part about this tint is the fact that it gives a natural goow and color to your cheeks. Get this amazing beauty product to enhance your makeup and to add a little colour to your face!

5. Huda Beauty The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette

Dear brides, get ready to be invited by your friends and family right after you get married. You will have to attend a plethora of events such as family dinners. parties and get-togethers so you need to amp up when it comes to your makeup. For your strong eye makeup game, we have found the ultimate product for you- Huda Beauty’s New Nude Eyeshadow Palette. This palette has all the shades you need to let your eyes do all the talking for you. We love how beautiful the shades are and we think all of these will rather match perfectly with your outfits, be it western or traditional!

So what are you going to buy for your makeup kit? Head to our Instagram page and tell us!


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