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I come from a background where the ration list is being sent to the Ration Shop on the 1st of each month & the well acquainted bhaiya gets the ration delivered on the same day itself without any fuss. There are several benefits in such traditional model like Time saving, Stress free & cost effective but with this being said, the model appears traditional because it lacks variety, experience & leisure associated to ration shopping.

Recently, my husband & myself tried experimenting different modes of shopping. For instance, we got ration twice from Metro Cash & Carry. We loved the overall experience but the major problem was- we ALWAYS ended up paying way more than ever imaged. With a family of 5 Adults & 2 kids, our ration usually costs between INR 6000 to INR 8000 a month but at Metro, we found ourselves paying INR 16000 at one instance while INR 24000 at other instance. This was totally a shocker for us but I justified this to myself because the said amount was NOT just pure ration stuff but also included other items like 10 Kg Pedigree, Frozen Snacks, Meat, Chicken, Organic Eggs, Canned Milk etc. Although Metro worked fine, carrying stuff back to car, loading, unloading stuff & bill beyond imagination were few factors that never stopped the urge of finding an alternate to our monthly shopping chaos. My mind was constantly searching for another option that can be an alternate to Metro wherein I can know how much is my cart adding upto while I can still get access to endless Organic options.

So, last month, I placed the order on Amazon Pantry. No wonder, it was way better, economical & was convenient too. All in all I was happy with whole experience expect 1 point. Well, the problem was that Amazon pantry doesn’t sell items like Eggs, Milk, Frozen items etc. This means that we end up paying more on our frequent trips to Frozen item shops, random visits for Butter, cheese, paneer etc. So, what now?? I discovered Big Basket, I mean not that I never heard of them or saw the Advertisement but I never placed an order before.

Well, recently I placed an order on Big Basket & the joy was beyond limit. It had everything like Organic Ration Options, Fresh Produce, Almond Milk Options, Dairy Products, Frozen Products & what not under 1 website. Not only this, I was able to order Organic Vegetables too along with other benefits like track the total ration amount, fix the day of delivery (in fact the preferable time too). Now, came the real issue I faced here. While the selected & available items were making their way to the cart. At the time of checkout, I don’t know how some of the items got disappeared, cancelled, out of stock or whatever. So, technically I Paid for the items I thought I paid but in reality I paid only for few items without realising that the other items have been removed or got removed. Now when we got the order, some major items went missing. Ahh, I hate the part where one ends up running to buy missing items.

My learning after trying all the leading stores is that I will be ordering Organic Ration from Amazon Pantry while Dairy, Vegetables & Frozen items from Big Basket. I believe that this will help us create a balance & enjoy the best of both worlds!!

What do you think? What are your favorite stores to buy monthly ration? Let me know your thoughts.


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