My Career Sculptor — The Best Place For Career Counseling

Children often remain confused about their future goals and what they want to achieve in life. It is during these teenage years that they need proper guidance and counseling to help them choose the right path. My Career Sculptor is the perfect place for such counseling. Their team of experienced professionals guide teenagers through the process of exploring their interests and skills. They help them identify their strengths and weaknesses and counsel them on the best career options based on their individual aptitude. My Career Sculptor offers a holistic counselling approach with its personalized services like:

Career Guidance + Assessments:

100s of Careers around still the students or the parents are in dilemma, what to choose and what to leave. One thing is for sure a successful career doesn’t guarantee the same success for everyone as we all are different, just like a fish and a bird. To find out a child’s suitable future career and higher studies based on aptitude, personality, and interests along with study habits analysis- gaps and remedies My Career Sculptor is the name one can count on. Assessments are accompanied by career counseling sessions to remove any career-related confusion and all the information needed to follow a career path enables a child & the parent to make informed decisions.

Profile Building Program:

Success in College Admissions is not just Academics or Entrance Test Scores but a combination of Academics, Entrance Test Scores + Profile/CV. When we talk about the Top Global Universities, they look beyond academics and evaluate one’s complete profile from Grade 8 onwards.

Top universities evaluate for Demonstrated Interest & consistency in the field one is applying for. Lakhs of students meet the eligibility criteria for Academics & Test Scores. In this scenario, YOUR PROFILE becomes the KEY DIFFERENTIATOR for admission.

Profile Building Program is especially designed for middle & high school students which include activities like goal setting and profile analysis, roadmap planning, peer interaction, alumni interaction, reflection on learnings, CV generation and college admission planning.

My Career Sculptor — The Best Place For Career Counseling

Regular counsellor intervention & expert guidance for the students to stay on track + Scientific and well-researched recommendations ensure an overall profile development that DEMONSTRATES the INTERESTS of the Student.

College Applications:

The Services include Goal setting & Profile Analysis, University Shortlisting & Finalisation, Application Fee waivers & scholarships, Applications Crafting & Pre submission review, Admission offer follow up & selection, Visa & Pre-Departure Guidance.

​​Personalized India Complete Package:

Are you planning to get into the best colleges in India? But worried about how to get started? Worry not! Our Personalized India Complete Package helps you with everything along with all the necessary training tools and resources that you need for a successful application.  With around five to six sessions in a year, this package is designed to give you an overview of the Indian college application process and what it takes to get into the best colleges.

International Complete Package:

Are you looking to study abroad? But don’t know where to start? Our International Complete Package is here to help you with the entire process. With around five to six sessions in a year, you also get 26 research tools that will help you with your applications. In addition to that, you also get access to our online portal which has exclusive content for our clients.

Profile evaluation:

This is among the most important steps of career counseling at My Career Sculptor. Here, the counselors get to know the students and their families better. This helps them understand the expectations, motivation, and goals of the students. They also get to know the academic background of the students and their strengths and weaknesses. Based on all this information, the counselors can suggest the best career options for the students.

Wrapping up!

The team at My Career Sculptor is highly experienced and offers comprehensive counselling services. Their personalized approach ensures that each student receives the best possible guidance. If you are looking for career counseling, My Career Sculptor is the best place for you!


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