If you are a parent, you must be knowing that children are naturally curious and constantly want to learn new things about their surroundings. They love discovering new noises, sounds, and objects. As they grow and learn new skills, they develop a sense of recognizing things and integrate the new with the old. These skills are known by the term “cognitive skills” and are necessary for the development of the child. The best Child Parenting Tips always help parents.

What is Cognitive Development?

Cognitive development is the ability to remember and process information and express emotions. These skills help them in dressing them, playing board games, educational levels, and in many other phases of their life.

You can encourage cognitive development in various ways. But today we are here to suggest to you some toys that can assist children in developing critical cognitive skills and help them to learn more. Let’s have a look at some of the useful and must-have toys for your little one.

1. An Activity Table: This one is great for keeping your little one’s hands and mind busy. It is compact and takes very little space. It has different activities squeezed into a single table which helps your baby to build fine motor skills. Your baby can easily play with it from infancy up to preschool without getting bored.

2. Wooden Puzzles: Colorful puzzles make a great option got 1-year-old babies because they promote motor skills and awareness. Your little one tries to fit the pieces into the puzzles. You can go for options having solid and colorful wood pieces. The solid pieces are good for little hands to grip while playing. They also develop motor skills and sensory development.

3. Sensory Balls and Shapes: Children love playing with balls and this option is the best for a 1-year-old baby. It offers many different interesting sensory experiences. It helps in developing their tactile senses. You can choose bright-colored and textured balls that are easy to grip and fun to explore. Go for balls that make noise or easy to squeeze or have smooth bumps.

4. A Musical Toy: A bright-colored musical toy is one of the coolest options for your baby. Kids can play and learn simultaneously. It helps in developing the hand-eye combination and sweet music skills. Musical toys also help them develop gross motor skills and dexterity. Xylophone, drum, or a tabla are some of the good options for your toddler.

5. Stacking Toys: Simple and ideal for babies to learn to fit objects together and stack them up. They can flip them upside down and hide things underneath. Your little kiddo with a scoop and dump these stacking cups over and over again. Stacking toys help develop cognitive skills and build up the memory of your child.

Your baby is now getting capable of creative thinking, so pretending will become a big part of playtime. At this age, everything has the opportunity to delight your child’s senses, inspire their imagination and teach valuable behavioral lessons. To help encourage their physical, mental, and emotional growth, go for some unique toy options and share your experience with us.

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