Yes, its a rebirth!!

Its been rightly said that when a child is born, the mother is also reborn. I still remember my mom used to scold me at times and say “ jab maa banegi na tab pata chalega”. Every girl has been through this dialogue at least once in their life; trust me we all come to know the importance of a mother after we become one. All the pretty moms who are reading this blog must have felt the same way after giving birth to their loved ones. I personally feel that I am born again. For me, motherhood is joy. Experiencing it is like flipping the coin and seeing life from the other side. Motherhood is a long-lasting memory that gives a proud name “mom” to a woman.

The transformation of a woman into a mother is immense and admiring. From a woman who was well dressed all the time to someone wearing loose gowns with untied hairs.

From a woman who was systematic, well organized with her stuff to someone having a mess all around in her house.

From a woman who loved trying new recipes in her kitchen to someone who is now only bothered about feeding her child.

From a woman who spent time reading new recipes to someone who is now lost in articles related to good parenting.

From a woman who loved to eat and enjoy each meal to someone who now takes eating as a task to complete.

From someone whose bed was filled with laptops and books which are now replaced by diapers and jablas.

From someone who was a sleepy panda to someone who is on “alert-mode” the entire night to be there for the baby.

From someone who was fond of planning romantic dates with her husband to a woman who is not finding time to even speak to him.

Right after his birth I was feeling lost somewhere between who I was before motherhood and who I am now. I was worried as if something has gone terribly wrong with me and trust me this discomfort is absolutely normal.

But, I am now filled with the milky scent and losing myself in your feathery hair, adorable smile, stretchy body movements, little fingers, and what not!! The physical changes are no more ugly and compromising. I find all these stretch marks, the fat belly, and the dark circles more beautiful now. I am feeling more positive and confident. Life suddenly has changed so much. The colors are now brighter, stars more shiner and somewhere if you would like to read more about the activities and advices you can go through the Newborn Parenting Tips.

Yes, I have given life to you, but honestly, you gave me mine!! Motherhood is messy, tiring, challenging but beautiful indeed. You always have a reason to smile when your little human is around you. His laughs and giggles make you feel alive again.

I wish to freeze this time where the two of us are lost in our world. I want to love him to the fullest before he is no more a little munchkin!!

Motherhood A rebirth of woman2


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