No one actually cares rather no one has ever cared about this phenomenon of life. When we talk about mood swings people generally relate it with women. I sometimes feel that mood swings and women have turned out to be synonyms. I want to why nobody has ever talked about mood swings as a serious topic. As far as I have seen it has always been compared to those tough days before women’s menstrual cycle or a side effect of pregnancy.

Reality is different. Mood swings definitely acres due to hormonal disturbance or even due to changes in sleep patterns. These two are the major causes of mood swings happening to anyone not only just women. I am sure that you must have felt it someday. Those days when just before a moment you are happy and excited but very next moment you are shivering and you are frustrated. You are angry and you don’t even know the reason behind that anger and you will burst out on somebody. In spite of having enough energy, you will feel drained as if you have worked out the whole day. These are just a few examples of how mood swings create hustle in our lives.

In recent times mood swings found to be one of the major symptoms of depression. We we have probably always neglected it and taken it as a part of our lifestyle or possibly or a side effect of something happening within. Actually, mood swings are serious. To deal with it you can follow these tips but eventually, it will be your will power and love from your loved ones which will get you out of this terrible situation.

These tips are unusual but believe me, it works.

1) So when you feel like anger is getting over you as a part of your mood swings just grab a big piece of paper. Now tone the piece of paper slowly in a way that you can listen to the voice of it being turned. Do it several times and you will see your anger is gone with the pieces.

2) One of the types of mood swing which hurts the most is feeling of sadness, loneliness, betrayal and disgust. So while these feelings take a toll on you play loud music. Loud music helps to escalate the level of energy and such low feelings cannot be for a long when you are listening to louder music.

3) Don’t stay silent for a longer period of time. Talk to somebody share your feeling, appreciate, motivate, say some good and kind words to others and automatically the same positivity will come to you.

4) Eat chocolates. The ingredients in chocolates help a lot to deal with mood swings.

5) Indulge in self-talk daily. Self-talk helps to solve many problems along with head it helps an individual to have insight into what he or she is doing in life. By doing this you will be able to solve many of your queries and ultimately it will give you peace in your life.

I would like to conclude with this that whenever you are feeling mood swings Just dance. Dance from within to the tunes of your heart and you will feel lighter!


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