Having a side bag is always going to make every lady feel confident. Wearing branded bags are quite trending these days. The Michael Kors Women’s Jet Set Item Crossbody Bag is going to make you feel wow because of the design, the texture, and the colors that are available. Known for its lovely bags, Michael Kors has been one of the ace players in the ladies’ bag manufacturing segment of fashion.

Michael Kors is the ace players in the bag manufacturing sector and has come up with quite an extensive bag collection for women. Quality over quantity has always made these guys one of the best bag manufacturers.

With the boom of the fashion industry, every other brand that are into bags also came up with innovative ideas to meet the growing demand of the customers. This bag is made using saffiano finished leather. It also includes polished hardware to increase the strength of the bags. Women are going gaga over these bags because of the various choices it offers in terms of sizes and colors.

The larger bags come with a Michael Kors custom logo fabric, and that’s one of the unique features of this bag. The large size bags also have pockets that can be used as storage units. The bag is spacious, and one can easily stuff all their belongings without having to carry any extra bag. The fully zippered feature of the bags protects it from burglars as it becomes difficult to open the bags and pick something from it.
The logo of Michael Kors shines across the zip and enhances the beauty of the bag furthermore. The adjustable chain feature can be used to either hang it in a criss-cross fashion or even straight on the shoulder.

It is slim and suits the requirement of modern-day ladies. Carrying bulky bags are completely out of trend these days and these bags from Michael Kors. These bags aren’t just trendy; they are strong and sturdy as well because of the fabric that is used to manufacture this bag.


• Good quality fabric
• Well-known brand
• Can be used for all occasions
• A brilliant choice for college going girls
• Perfect size and suits all dresses


• Might not be okay for carrying heavier things
• All the colors might not suit every other dress


All those women who want to flaunt around diva kinds look and steal the limelight away then; this is the bag that you must buy. Also, Michael Kors is one of the top players in the areas of bags that have come out with this amazing product, keeping in mind the need for today’s girls. Wearing a bag like this can certainly increase your status in the society and also make you feel amazing.

We have done extensive research on all the bags and finally feel that this bag is the best one to be carried for parties. With an overall satisfaction rating of 4.7, this bag has gained a lot of popularity amongst a lot of users.


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