“Achieving gender equality requires the engagement of women & men, girls & boys. Its everyones responsibility.” Ban-ki-Moon

I truly admire the mother’s of such men who have taught their sons to be independent in true sense rather than lean on a women for basis necessities.

So, few days back, we traveled along with couple of co-workers to our holiday home in Dehradun. Out of 13 highly interested souls, only 9 (2 women + 7 men) could manage it.

While planning for the trip, we divided responsibilities of cooking meals among the group so that no one (specially women) should feel over whelmed with hosting a big group. Since, it’s a small holiday home & mostly locked, the first task one has to do is to clean it. Even in kitchen, we have to be innovative because of limited masalas available on hand. So, we created a list of tasks, divided those among us & did all the possible shopping before leaving on a Friday noon for our 6 hours pleasant drive to Dehradun.

At the beginning of trip, I was definitely doubtful about the enthusiasm or involvement the men of the team would show BUT hell, no! I am glad they proved me, very wrong!

We reached at around 8:15 pm & instead of relaxing, the pre designated team got into full action. One of the guy prepared Yummy Pepper Chicken while the other prepared awesome Chicken curry & Rice. Next morning, it was my duty to make Breakfast & I preferred making Maggi with vegetables 😉 (call me lazy ;P). Post breakfast, we all headed to Shashdhara for a quick dip, followed by a trip to Mussoorie. Mussoorie was beautiful with perfect weather, clouds, misty air & Barbeque Bhutta being sold at every corner. Lunch was at a cute little Tibetan Restaurant and just when we were done with our lunch, it started raining cats & dogs. It was a risky yet lovely drive back home. Once we were back, the teams resumed their duties. We had another version of Pepper Chicken for snacks cooked by my baby brother & Kheer & poori by another team of guys. All in all, there was never a frown on anyone’s face for leaving their comfort seats & cooking a meal for others.

The point is that when women cook, its expected…quite a usual sight BUT when men participate actively in daily chores, it showcases the true picture of how we are progressing as a society. When we talk about equality, our homes should be the 1st place to start with.

I mean if we look at it broadly, their wives are SO damm lucky to have each of them as their better halves & their mothers totally deserve huge applause for upbringing them in the right manner.

I, as a mother of a boy & girl, I too am trying my level best to involve both my kids in kitchen chores & other household chores as these are Life skills rather than gender-based skills.

I think it’s so important to start now & teach our kids to share the load in running the house. You can start by giving them basic tasks like keeping their own plate in the sink or cleaning their own room nicely. This little step will help them evolve as a responsible human being who can manage a clean house & share the load with their future wife or Girl Friend.

Men are getting better  Men are getting better Men are getting better


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