Just like your wedding outfit, your makeup also makes a hell lot of difference to your wedding look on your big day. If you are a complete make up junkie or someone who doesn’t like make up at all, you still have to go for it on your wedding day. To settle on the look you want on your wedding day, you must have some inspiration which you can easily find on social media. The ultimate destination where you can get the much-needed inspo for all your wedding related stuff is Instagram. If you are a bride-to-be, scroll through the feeds of top-notch makeup artists, because you never know when you chance upon something that aligns with your style.

If you have not shortlisted your makeup look, do it right here, right now. We have curated a list of some famous makeup artists on Instagram who are as good as gold. Go hit the follow button and drive through their profiles now!

#1. Natasha Moor

You can’t afford missing her makeup pictures and reels on Instagram. She has a refined experience in everything right from traditional bridal make-up to the ultra glam cocktail ones. If you have not followed her yet, go hit the follow button right now.

#2. Amrit Kaur

With a wide showcase of 1000+ stunning photos, each one way more exquisite than the other, makeup artist Amrit Kaur’s page is just what you need to drive through to get all the inspiration. Minimal makeup, rose gold eyes or fluttery lashes, there’s something for every kind of bride.

#3. Pakkhi Pahuja

If you are a fan of subtle and dewy makeup, you must follow Pakkhi Pahuja’s Instagram account. You will get a lot of makeup inspiration on her page.From fuller brows to well-defined eyes, there are a lot of ideas you can steal away from her.

#4. Jasmeet Kapany

Jasmeet’s instagrm is like the Bible for all those girls who want to make big style statement on their wedding. Dig into her Instagram profile and you will find her signature style which includes bold lips and scintillating eyes. So if you want to wear one such look on your big day, you know where to take the right inspiration from.

#5. Swati Verma

Do you love glittery and lustrous eyes? If yes, you must head to her Instagram account. She is a pro at eye makeup and you can get a lot of inspiration from her Instagram account for your wedding day look.

#6. Shahid Naar

Mua Shahid Naar does some real magic with her makeup wands on her brides and that quite evidently shows on his Instagram page. Whether it is well-defined eyes or perfectly contoured cheeks, the magician does it all and that too with sheer excellence.

The Takeaway

If you are a bride-to-be and want to look stunning on your big day, follow these makeup artists on Instagram and save some of your favorite looks to take inspiration for your wedding.


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