We Indians love laddoos and maa ke haath ke laddoo are always special. There is a child inside everyone who cannot resist the sweetness of laddoos. But our moms always take care of our choices and health. As winters are already here and the chill is increasing, we look for food that keeps us warm and comfortable. Indian kitchen is full of such ingredients and today I will be sharing some easy and quick laddoos that are tasty, healthy and at the same are perfect for chilly nights.

1. Dry fruit Laddoos: Dry fruits are power house of energy and when rolled into delicious balls they turn super scrumptious. These laddoos are very easy and quick to make and are full of nutrients. Enjoyed by all the age groups, dry fruit laddoos also help in boosting immunity. These are a healthy snack option and can be eaten as breakfast snack with a cup of warm milk. As they are high in protien and vitamin, these laddoos prevent cholesterol and diabetes.

2. Gond ke Laddoo : Gond ke Laddoo are very much famous in North India. A sweet treat that is served especially during winters. Gond laddoos are a great source of energy and are easy to make. Packed with the fibre of wheat, cahsew and desi ghee, gond laddoos are good to rejuvenate the whole body and also helps to strengthen bones and boost immunity and digetsion. Gond is best for preventing cold and cough. You can even add poppy seeds, sesame, dates etc to make these laddoos more nutritious.

3. Sonth ke Laddoo : Adding sonth or ginger powder to traditional laddoos is beneficial for health. It is a great ingredient to boost immunity during winters. Sonth ke laddoo are high in anti bacterial porperties and are a good snack for those having digestive issues. It is also good for cold and sore throat. You can easily make sonth k laddoo by mixing wheat flour, ghee, sonth and cardamom. You can make them extra tasty by adding lots of nuts and raisins.

4. Coconut Laddoo : High in fibre and taste, these coconut laddoos are my favorite. Coconut helps in maintaining cholesterol, blood sugar and aids digestion. You can make coconut laddoos by adding jaggery, coconut, milk and kesar. Just roll them into sweet balls and you are ready with a healthy snack for your winter hunger pangs.

5. Jaggery Laddoo: Jaggery is a magical ingredient that is used in winters. It is a natural sweetener rich in minerals and vitamins. You can replace sugar in your traditional food recipe, laddoo recipe with jaggery and you are good to go. Jaggery boosts immunity and is used to treat cold and cough. You can add roasted nuts and muesli in jaggery laddoos to make them even healthier.

Now that you have such amazing ideas to make laddoos for winters, we are sure that this season is going to be warm and
delicious. If you have a traditional recipe for maa ke haath ke laddoo, do share with us.

Happy Winters!!


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