Little Extra Coco Onion Natural Shampoo and hair oil review is a genuine one based on my own personal experience of using this powerful and 100% vegan range for my hair fall control.

In the present chaotic and strenuous life, we have all neglected to take care of ourselves. We may take note of our skin and face but what about our hair? When we encounter dandruff or hair loss, we start to consider our hair.In a hot, humid and tropical country like ours, hair care should be our priority as our beauty is nothing without our locks. Since we do not give much consideration to our hair, when our failure to act causes hair loss, we start buying different chemical-laden hair oils from the market.

Our grandmothers remedies for any problem in our bodies was always found in the kitchen. These are not baseless because even science proves that using coconut and onion can be a blessing for our hair. Recently, I heard about Coco Onion Hair Oil and natural shampoo and decided to give them a try, thinking that it’s much easier to use the oil than to extract onion juice at home.

So keep reading this honest review on these two plant-based hair care products to know more about them.

Coco Onion Natural Shampoo and Hair Oil Description and Claim  s

As per the brand claims, Little Extra’s Coco Onion Hair Oil and Natural Shampoo helps you combat hair fall problems due to stress, pollution & unhealthy lifestyle. This hair care range is enriched with Sulphur, and Antioxidants that reduce hair fall and accelerates hair regrowth. Coco Onion hair oil contains a latest breakthrough ingredient called Sea Satin that softens the hair, removes frizz and makes it healthy and bouncy naturally. Coconut contains Lauric acid in it which is a good source of fatty acids which help to moisturize and hydrate hair from within. The hair oil and natural shampoo are good for all hair types and are free from harmful chemicals & toxins such as Silicones, Parabens, Mineral Oil, Dyes & Synthetic fragrances.

Coco Onion Hair Oil and Natural Shampoo Benefits

Key Ingredients

  • Onion oil: Onion oil increases blood circulation near our hair follicles, as a result, we will see improvement in hair growth. It helps to grow new hair.
  • Coconut oil: For those with fine or thinning hair, coconut oil can reduce hair loss by permeating deep into the hair shaft, blocking out protein loss, avoiding hair fall and encouraging re-growth of hair.
  • Fenugreek Oil: Fenugreek oil is capable of entering the scalp and individual hairs, nourishing them with moisture and promoting growth. It also strengthens the hair follicles and improves the feel of the overall hair.
  • Castor Oil: Castor oil contains vitamin E and fatty acids, which are advantageous for the general wellbeing of your hair. It is effective in stimulating protein synthesis, which ensures that the hair follicles experience the customary cycles of growth and rest.
  • Almond oil: Almond oil is an emollient that can repair your hair at a molecular level, resulting in a softer feel when touched. 

Bhringraj oil: Bhringraj oil has the ability to fight against bacteria and fungi, thereby decreasing the formation of dandruff. This oil is also known to possess anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it useful in treating psoriasis or other scalp-related skin issues. Furthermore, it is said to enhance the circulation of blood to the scalp area resulting in hair growth.

Little Extra Coco Onion Hair Oil price, weight, key benefits & Packaging all info

  • Brand: Little Extra Coco Onion Hair Oil with the powerful combination of Onion, Coconut and Sea Satin for Hair Fall Control.
  • Qty: 150 ml
  • Price: M.R.P. is Rs. 649/- Discounted prices are available on various online portals.
  • Key Benefits: Hair Fall Control, Hair Re-Growth, suitable for all hair types, can be used for both men and women.
  • Packaging: White-colored recyclable plastic bottle with a flip cap. Easy to use but not travel friendly. 

Little Extra Coco Onion Natural Shampoo Price, Weight, Key Benefits & Packaging

  • Brand: Little Extra Natural Shampoo with the powerful combination of Onion and Coconut for Hair Fall Control
  • Qty: 150 ml
  • Price: M.R.P. is Rs. 599/- Discounted prices are available on various online portals.
  • Key Benefits: Hair Fall Control, Hair Re-growth, Suitable for all hair types Can be used for both men and women
  • Packaging: White-colored recyclable plastic bottle with a Pump. Easy to use but not travel friendly. 

Coco Onion Natural Shampoo and Hair Oil Review and my personal experience

Having tried both these items for over a month, I decided it was time to put pen to paper and review them. Contrary to what people think, these natural products will not give you instant results. You will need to use them for 5-6 times for your hair to get adjusted to it and to start seeing real results. At first you will find it strange that there is less foam and so you will feel it is not cleaning the hair properly but actually it is doing its job well.

  • Coco Onion hair oil and shampoo contains onion oil for hair loss and re-growth.
  • Several companies are manufacturing hair care products like these but they are not certified from any regulatory authority. But this one has 5 different types of certifications including Certified Made Safe, Australian Certified Toxic-Free and Allergy Certified by Safe Cosmetics Australia. It is also FDA approved as well as Dermatologist tested.
  • There is no fragrance in it so you will have to get used to it with constant use.
  • The packaging is simple as normally sustainable products are packed with minimal design.
  • Both these products are good to add softness and shine to your hair and moisturize the strands well.
  • After using the hair oil and natural shampoo for one month, I noticed my hair fall had reduced and some small hairs were growing on my scalp.

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