With every passing year, we review our lives with all the important aspects. People review their losses and achievements with the hope to get better for the next year. There are many aspects of life which the year 2021 gave lessons for getting better and living better. These lessons apply to everyone’s life in one or another manner. Here are some of the life lessons which one can add to their lives for the betterment. Here are some of them:

  • Health is wealth:

It is an old quote, but people understood its meaning after the pandemic broke down in 2020. In the year 2021 mixed impact of covid-19 made people follow certain healthy practices. People started to care about their health with exercise and including a healthy diet. Many aspects of the year taught us to adopt healthy practices and supportive care for the people in need. Hence this year made us understand the value of fitness and well-being.

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  • Do not stop learning:

As the schools and educational institutes were partially open, people found new options to learn. The adaptability of parents and teachers to teach children through online platforms is commendable. People exploring new methods to learn new things in 2021 have the impression of the fact that learning has no age.

  • Changes are easy:

This is the important aspect of life that everyone forgets when they get into their comfort zone. The year 2021 clears the fact that nothing is permanent. Every aspect of life undergoes variation and by happily accepting it we get to know something new and better. In 2021 many people got to know that crises can also be an opportunity. Many new start-ups were set up this year after people lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Hence variation in life is necessary to get something better and experience something new.

  • Be realistic and follow optimism:

All the aspects of the year 2021 empower to be real as confronting the pandemic, people experienced many struggles and fear. Hence it’s easy to accept the reality and work to make it better. The individual can only focus on the situation and what they can bring change for the betterment. Acknowledging the contribution of others, and adapting the good aspects for the surrounding is the biggest learning of this year.

  • Living with slow speed:

In modern lives and speed for achieving success and new heights, people work at a rapid speed. In this journey, they forget to live and enjoy the beautiful moments of life. This year taught us to wait to establish a connection with ourselves and enjoy the small moment with family and friends. The 2020 pandemic has a huge display of the value of life and loved ones. So this year demands engagement with our hobbies and gets time for recreation to recharge body and soul.

  • Helping and gratitude:

The year 2021 is the best example to demonstrate support towards others. The doctors and frontline workers’ service towards the Covid-patients were the best examples of this. The vaccine and the support of many people toward society is the biggest service for gratitude. Thus it’s a learning that each one of us in society needs help and it’s necessary to show gratitude towards each human. This balance is essential to survive and live peacefully in society.


The life-learning of 2021 is very basic and adaptable for each person in society. To get the betterment and success these variations are essential to adapt. It makes society a better place to live and helps an individual to grow into a better human being.


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