Most of the people find it extremely tough to bake cakes. They might be struggling to even choose the ingredients with which they want to make the cake out. But one must understand that baking is an art, and you can achieve it only when you have an ample amount of patience.

One of the most important requirements for baking a cake is to understand the concept of measurement. Every ingredient that goes into the making of cake is to be measured in the right quantities to obtain the perfect consistency and texture. In this article, we have listed some of the simplest tricks and tips that can be used to bake a cake quickly.

1. Come up with your own flavor

You must know that baking is like performing an experiment in the laboratory. Though there are a lot of traditional baking recipes, you can always choose to make a cake of your choice. Instead of using walnuts or cashews, you might bake a cake using raisins, dates, and almonds. This would not only give you a chance to taste a different flavored cake, but it would also help you to break the stereotype.

2. Get a cake mix

There are a lot of instant cake mixtures available in the markets. If you are a beginner in baking, these cake mixtures can rescue you from ruining your entire kitchen. There are several flavors of cake mixtures, and you can simply pick one and bake them at your homes.

3. Learn the features of your oven

Some of the conventional ovens come with a lot of features. Hence, it becomes important to understand all the features even before you start baking. At times, the cake may get over baked and, at times, underbaked. In both cases, the texture of the cakes would be spoilt. All these things can be avoided when you learn the technology and the proper usage of features on your oven.

4. Dust the cake tins

Whenever you are pouring the cake batter or the mixture into the tins, you must always make sure to dust the tins. This allows the cake to slide out easily once the baking is done.

If you pour the batter straight into the tins without sprinkling a little flour on the sides then, the sides of the tin would retain the cake, and the overall appearance of the cake would be ruined. Also, when you season the tins with oil and all-purpose flour, it allows even heating of the cake and also avoids burning as well.

5. Bake in smaller quantities

When you are baking a cake for the first time, you must always use smaller quantities of mixture and then try it out. Once you are confident and understand the procedures involved, baking a cake becomes one of your favorite things to do.

Well, these are some of the simple tricks that can be followed to make your baking experience a brilliant one. With all these things followed properly, you would certainly be able to bake a cake that is fluffy and yummy.


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