Homemakers often search for “restaurant style recipes” and try them in their home kitchen. But have you ever searched for the plating styles that renowned five star hotels serve? We eat with our eyes and creative and thoughtful plating enhances the look and the taste of your food. Focusing on plating allows you to showcase your creation. Though there are not any hard and fast rules of plating, there are few concepts to keep in mind as you prepare and present your delicious creations.

Plating Techniques

The plating technique broadly involves the understanding of the cuisine you are serving. Are you are making a full course dinner or just a delicate side dish? You can’t decide plating until all of your flavors are finalized. Before starting the actual plating process, it’s necessary to have your ingredients prepared.

Similarly, consider portion size before you begin plating. Focus on balancing your nutritional value to create a balanced meal. The ingredients must be placed carefully to create art but it should never overshadow the taste.

Tips for Plating Food

If you are looking for tips and tricks on how to create a beautiful plate, here are some easy steps.

1. Choose the perfect plate: The right plate works wonders. Selecting the perfect plate for your meal is the key. Choose your plate wisely by making sure that it is nig enough to make your food to stand out and small enough to pop out your portions. The color of the plate also plays an important role. White plates look extraordinary beautiful as they create high contrast.

2. Place your ingredients wisely : When placing your food on the plate, think of a clock in mind. Picture the face of a clock. Your protein should be between 3 and 9, starch between 9 and 12 and vegetable from 12 and 3.

Food Presentation Ideas

● Use moist ingredients as base. Always place runny ingredients first as they tend to move if they aren’t held down. Place another food on the top of them.

● Serve odd pieces. If you are serving small foods like tikkas, shrimp or bite size appetizer, serve odd quantities. It creates more visual appeal.

● Create flavor bites by placing food. Flavor bites combine all the ingredients in your dish into one bite. Creating flavor bites is the perfect accompaniment to creative plating as it pleases eyes and taste buds.

● Avoid overcrowding the plate. Keep it simple by focusing on one ingredient. Find a focal point so that the accompanying ingredients play a complementary role.

● Always think about colors and contrast. It is the best kept secrets to beautiful plating. Closely pay attention to details.

● Once you are done plating your main ingredients, be ready to top your dish with delicious sauces. Don’t just pour the sauce carelessly, instead think of squeeze bottle or spoon as a paint brush and sauce as a medium.

So, the very next time when you invite your kitty gang at your home, try out these easy plating tips and share your experiences with us in the comments below.


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