A happy family involves happy and healthy relationships. We adults often get into arguments and resolve them by having a mature dicsussion with each other. But kids are kids and once they turn adolescents, they rarely listen to anyone

We as parents often think that what we are doing is the best for our children because we love them. But to be honest, some of our actions might not be healthy for our children. Teenage is period when things start getting worse. Frequent arguments, misunderstandings and denials make us wonder where is that sweet child we used to play with? This is commonly experienced by almost every parent and we are here to help you with some effective ways to strengthen parent-teen relationships.

1. The Hug therapy : It is a well known fact that hugging a person more often improves relationships. Physical contacts are important for a healthy relation. Go back in past and remember your teenage days when you were reluctant to hug your parents. But hugging is good for health and is considered as a natural stress reliever. Being a parent, you must hug your children daily to remind them that they are not alone. Physical and emotional supports are equally important to deepen the roots of a healthy relationship.

2. No technology while interactions: In this technology dependent era, walking away from it is quite difficult. But the best conversations are the ones that are done one on one. It won’t hurt you to put your phones on silent when you are talking to your child. Don’t feel bound to answer every mail or text during a conversation. Keep your work aside when you are around the table having your meals with family. Do not turn on music when you are in a car with your kids as it gives an opportunity to interact. Remember, communication is vital. Everything else can wait.

3. Spend quality time together : This perhaps is highly advisable practice. Spending a good time with your kids helps you to create a strong bond with them. Sustaining a strong relationship with children requires a lot of sacrifices. Postpone your work outings or get togethers to spend time with your family. Spend atleast half an hour each day to have a meaningful conversation with your children and keep aside an hour of a happy family dinner for weekends.

4. Listen to understand : We all agree with the fact that teenage is the most difficult stage to deal with. But when you are disappointed in your child, listen to them and understand their situation instead of reacting. Even if you completely disagree with their actions or decisions, do not yell at them as it can cause more resentment between you both. This may result in a communication gap as your child may refuse to discuss things with you in future. Learn to work out the differences, listen to them and broaden your perspective.

5. Respect Boundaries: If you want to have a good relationship with your child, respect their privacy and boundaries. This may be challenging initially but good parenting involves providing opportunities to make mistakes and learn from them. Create a safe space where failure is a normal thing so that they may learn the value of success.

How To Strengthen Parent-Teen Relationships

One thing all of us parents have noticed, the sweet child of mine has changed totally in this or her teen years. More or less, there are arguments, misunderstandings, and if the right steps are not taken, then some really bad situations. So, what is the reason for this change? What are the ways to remedy the situation? Let us know a few things.

Important information

Shouting and grounding them will not help, they will just rebel more. The best Advice for Parents of Teenagers from me would be to understand their perspective and take it easy with them. Some of the ways you can apply to diffuse the tension are;

  • Hug your children: Remember how they use to run towards you and gave you a big hug? Now it’s your time to do so. Giving hugs is scientifically proven to be a natural stress reliever.
  • No machinery during communications: We get it, you are a very important person, but nothing is important than your teen child. Keep your phone away while having a conversation, or during dinner.
  • Respect their boundaries: It may be difficult to accept at first, but they are growing up and will have their personal space. It is necessary to treat them as per their age and respect their boundaries.

Communication is key

According to the well-known Teenage Parenting Articles, adolescence is a very confusing time for kids. They lash out because nobody can understand them, like them. So, in my opinion, the greatest among the teenage parenting tips is to have healthy communication and a safe space to express your feelings.


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