Gone are the days when women used to be a homemaker. It is 21st century and women today are stronger, happier and giving neck to neck competition to men.
We are spreading their wings in every field. No matter how much we succeed, women are still struggling to achieve equality.

Many of us are still facing issues like wage gape, sexual harassment and molestation. Since ages, gender biasness is holding us from gaining. This unequality is passing down from generation to generation as men are viewed at a higher standard than women. And the bitter truth is, our kids are growing up in this world of gender inequalities.

Being a mom of a male child, I find myself responsible for shaping his outlook towards the world. Every parent must teach their sons to respect their daughters and ensure that their daughters are not left behind. To teach our childen equality, here are some steps that we must practice.

Let them express themselves

Always try to be a friend of your child. Many kids do not open up due to peer pressure. They don’t feel comfortable in sharing their views and expressing their dislikes. Provide them space to express themselves. This will not only make them comfortable but also will boost their confidence and promote gender equality.

Updating them with Current Affairs

Make sure your kids are well informed about the current affairs as per their age. Tell them the difference between wrong and right. Update their knowledge about eve teasing and female foeticide. This will help them to understand that why they need to respect women at every stage of their life.

Refuse Gender Roles

If you are mother of kids having different genders, do not encourage gender roles on them. Involve both of them in household chores and encourage them to do what they want to. Teach your boys to help them in your kitchen and girls to do the gardening. Make sure they get equal opportunities.

Raise your voice when you See Someone Being Disrespectful

Parents are the first teachers. Your little one is continuously taking cues and lessons from you all the time. Thats why, it is important to set an example inside and outside the house. Raise your voice if you see someone disrespecting opposite gender. This will promote gender respect and equality.

Deny Access to Media with Disrespectful Content

Once your child grows older, he will learn things from social media. Make sure he access media with good content. Do not allow him/her to view media forms that promote gender inequality and are disrespectful towards women.


Children are the future of the world and theur actions can affect their progress. Parents more often think to teach them moral values inside the house. But moulding them in right way is the need of the hour. Their thoughts can change the world and will have a positive impact on the society. Ultimately, all we can do is teach them to respect humans and take one step at a time.

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