The second wave of COVID-19 has hit us real hard and cases are on the regular rise across the country. In such a tough situation, many parents are worried about what to do if either one of them or both test positive and they have a kid to take care of. As per the new norms, many patients are advised to home quarantine as hospitals are running full.

Studies have shown that COVID-19 is not usually severe in kids and children but then too it is important to take all the necessary precautions and manage the situation. If you are into a nuclear family and tested positive, here are some tips to keep your child secure and safe in this situation. Newborn Parenting Tips will help you in this situation.

1. Prepare for Home Quarantine: If you have mild symptoms and do not need hospitalization, the very first step is to make a home quarantine plan. Isolate yourself in a room having a bathroom and a toilet. Keep your baby with yourself with a mask on and ensure that your contact with your child is minimal. If both the parents are positive, the baby should be with either one of them. Constant exposure must be avoided.

2. Precautions to minimize the risk: If your child is above 2 years of age and does not have any breathing issues then he must be masked all the time when he is around you. Disinfect surfaces regularly and try to be at a distance of at least 6 feet from your child. Disinfect every item that you give to your child except food.

3. Communicate Virtually: Children find it very difficult to adjust when you do not hug them or touch them. But communicating without putting them at any risk is more essential. If you and your child are sharing the same space, try to communicate or play with him in other creative ways. You can talk to your kid over the phone or a video call or send voice notes. If your baby is below 1 year of age, do not hold them too close to your face or kiss them. Wash your hands more often while handling an infant.

4. Be kind to yourself: Keep in mind that you are unwell. Don’t exaggerate your work. Keep household chores or office work undone. Keep calm and take plenty of rest. This will only help you take care of yourself and your child. Take to other parents been in this situation and get ideas to stay calm.

5. Look for symptoms: Along with yourself, monitor your child’s symptoms as well. If your child is old enough to measure temperature readings, ask them to note it down twice a day. If your baby is small, keep an eye on symptoms like cold, cough, or fever, and in case of any of these, talk to the doctor without delay.

6. Multivitamins to boost immunity: If both the parents are positive and taking care of the baby, it is vital to start a course of multivitamins for the baby. Talk to your doctor and ask for some immunity boosters, vitamin C, and other multivitamins for your baby.

The Takeaway

Taking care of a child in sickness is quite challenging. But with proper planning and precautions, you can easily manage the situation. Just remember and follow simple protocols of wearing a mask and washing hands. Read more Toddler Parenting Tips at Indian Parenting blog.


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