The arrival of your baby brings major change in your life. You get stucked in changing diapers, vaccinations and playing with the little bundle of joy. The baby, so easily, fills the middle space between you both. But do you notice that your love life is also undergoing a sea of change and may suffer. It shouldn’t have to be like this. After 4 whole months of having a baby, I do feel at times that I am losing the spark in the relationship with my husband. It seems like romance is going downhill. But to rejuvenate our romance life we worked a little harder. So if you too aee worried about being romantic after having a baby, here are some tips for you.

Ways to rekindle romance after having a baby:

Simple efforts from you and your partner are enough to have those romance and cuddles back in your life.

1. Plan date nights more often: Try planning romantic date nights every once in a while. Request your baby sitter or any family member to take of your baby sp that you both can have some cozy time together. Go out for a candle night dinner and spend time with each other. Spend some time on the roof top talking to each other. This is the best way to stay connected and keep spark in the marriage.

2. Get Intimate: I know it’s tough. Getting intimate after having a baby is quite a task but don’t let sex take a backseat. A warm touch, a cozy hug and a kiss is enough to show your partner the affection you carry for him. Take out time for some intimate moments. Grab few moments when your baby is asleep. These little things make huge difference.

3. Show love and Care: Leave romantic notes for your partner and call him just to whisper some sweet things. These gestures will make him smile and will show your love and care for him. Send him a loving text or write something exciting for him. Cook something he likes or send him some flowers. These simple ways will keep the romance alive in your life.

4. Set up a romantic ritual: Having a cup of coffee together or spending some quiet time after putting your baby to sleep, at the end of the day can give you precious moments to connect. Whisper ” I love you” and share your thoughts with each other.

5. Plan a Getaway: Plan a romantic weekend, once your baby gets old enough. Leave her with grand parents and take a break from your daily routine. You can use this time to sip cocktails and make sweet love.

Keeping your marriage romantic and full of love after baby is not at all difficult. You just need to put some extra effort to keep romance alive. Take out time to entice your man by the ways we have listed below and you will be surprised how easy it is to keep your love young always.


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