Stress is something that can affect both kids and adults. This can have a disastrous effect on anyone, forget about kids. There are several Indian parenting blogs dedicated to the stress factor in child and parents can take recourse to these for some useful tips. It is a parent’s responsibility to help the child cope with the stress and if you happen to be a single person parenting a teenager things can get challenging for you. In case you don’t help your children manage stress then the same can lead them astray. To put it succinctly, kids in a bid to ease the stress take recourse to some intoxicating substance and endanger their lives. So, being parents it is your responsibility to help your kids manage stress successfully.

Tips to help the child deal with stress

Chart out a proper schedule

Cramming too many activities in their schedule can lead to a lot of stress among children. In the contemporary scenario, children are supposed to not just study, but take up extracurricular activities as well. This can severely cripple their time to unwind or relax. As parents, it is your duty to ensure that kids don’t overwork themselves and experience the feeling of being burnt out. So, prepare a proper schedule and relieve them from unnecessary stress.

Set a good example for kids to follow

As said previously stress can happen to anyone. Even parents also experience some anxiety or tension in their lives. Kids tend to follow parents, so how parents react to a problematic situation is normally taken by children as a reference point. So, it is incumbent upon parents to deal in a cool and calm manner in such a scenario.

Make them look for brighter sides

It is very usual for distressed children to get overwhelmed by negative thoughts and pessimism. This must be dealt with properly. They start harboring negative thoughts and fret over future happenings. In such an event it is necessary to make your child focus on the positive aspects of a situation and get him out of the negative zone.

Motivate them with praises

If the child is showing the inclination to face the fear, then you should praise him for the same. The praise could be in the form of a hug or a small treat. Such a gesture goes a long way in motivating the child to encounter any unpleasant thing boldly. If such behaviors are rewarded, then the child starts to engage in them more often.

Increase physical activities

Physical activities are perfect stress busters. Hence ensure that your child in some healthy exercises. Try to keep the child as active as possible. Regular exercises coupled with a balanced diet and adequate sleep can lead to erosion of a lot of stress.

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