Bullying is a nightmare for kids. It leaves dee emotional scars and in extreme situations can involve violent threats, property damages and serious hurt. If you notice that your child is being bullied and you want to stop it, start doing right away. Because if left untreated for long, it causes serious issues in kids more-further can read Parenting Blog India to take some of the solutions for your parenting Life.

Being a parent you can help your child to cope with the teasing, mean gossips and bullying and lessen its impacts. Even if bullying is not an issue, you can discuss it with your kids to be prepared before-hand.
Before we move on to how to help your kids with bullying, let us understand what actually bullying means and how to differentiate it with teasing.

When Is it Bullying?

When we were kids, we used to tease our siblings or a friend at some point of time. When done in a playful, friendly manner, it is not at all harmful. It is a mutual thing and both the kids find it funny. But when it becomes hurtful, unkind and constant, it turns into bullying and it needs immediate action.

It is an intentional teasing in physical, verbal or mental ways which is highly disturbing. It even involve hitting, shoving and mocking. Some kids bully by spreading rumors and shunning others. Kids these days often use social media or massaging to taunt others and hurt their feelings.

The effects of bullying can be serious and affect kid’s sense of safety and self worth. It is important to take bullying seriously as in severe cases, it causes tragedies, suicides and shootings.

Signs of Bullying

It is hard to find the signs of bullying unless your child tells you about bullying or has injuries. It is hard to know if its happening without a clear communication with your child. But there are warning signs that can’t be ignored. Watch for signs if your child is:

● Acting differently or seeming anxious
● Not having meals or sleeping well
● Not participating in things they usually enjoy
● Your kid is moodier or mostly upset.
● Reluctant to go to school or meeting friends.

If you suspect that your child is going through any of the above issues, find ways and talk to bring it up.

How to help your kid?

If your kid shows sign of bully or tells yourl about being bullied, listen to him calmly and make them comfortable. Support them as kids often feel ashamed to tell adults about what is happening and why. They feel that their parents will be worried and may get angry or disappointed.

Praise your children to do the right thing by sharing about it with you. Remind them that they are not alone and many of us get bullied at some point. Tell them that it is the bully that is bad and not your kid. Make sure that you figure out what to do about it to feel your child safe and secure.

Take bully seriously if you find out that it may get worse with time. Approach the bully’s parents or teachers or counselors to sort things out. If you have serious concerns about your child’s safety, you may even connect to legal authorities to find the way that is best for your child.


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