We all are well versed about the prevailing situation in the world. Human age is facing a threat from one of the most dangerous viruses called Covid-19. Such is the case, it is advised to avoid travels and gatherings for our own betterment. Even it is advisable to avoid visits to malls, cinemas and parks where there are gatherings of people. Adults understand the seriousness of the situation and can even adhere to guidelines but what about kids? For them, this is the time of their much-awaited enjoyment after the hard work of the whole year. It is their vacation time and it is hard to make them understand what is happening outside. In that case, how will you keep them entertained at home?

So here are the tips to entertain your child at home.

How to engage with toddlers at home?

Like teens, even toddlers have their list of “To do” activities ready once they are free from the nursery. In such cases keeping them busy at home is quite difficult. But it is not impossible. It will definitely drain mother and father both at a time but then we don’t have options left. These tips are practised daily by me as a mom of two toddlers! Yeah, it works for me. Sharing it with you all with a hope that it will work for you all.

1. Morning time is TV time!
okay, so I am not a “Stay away from TV” mom! I believe limited exposure towards entertainment is not harmful. Nowadays there are cartoon shows which provide enough infotainment to kids. I also make them watch History Tv and Discovery Tv too. There are shows which not only provide useful information but also a handful of knowledge to kids.

As morning hours are rush hours for mothers too, a television in the morning helps to avoid any unnecessary clashes with kids.

2. Let them play with their pals till noon!
if safety is not a huge concern, allow your kids to go outside and let them play till 12 O’clock in the noon. This allows exposure to sunlight as well as an increase in the social skills of kids. Cricket, passing the ball, playing hide and seek, and whatnot!

This will help them to have fun with friends and they will have a proper lunch too.

3. Indoor games and activities
Now if your toddler can’t go and play outside let your house be the battlefield then! I do play games with my kids when they can’t go outside. I indulge in bat and ball, hide and seek, passing the parcel, puzzles, book reading, cooking, cleaning the house, drawing, writing, scribbling, and at last dancing.

All these activities will require you to be a part of it. Your toddler needs attention when he or she is inside the house.

4. Make them sleep!
Now, you will ask me how sleeping is an activity? It is for sure! See, when kids are at home they are hard to handle. So whenever you feel like it is enough for the day, make them fall asleep. I prefer a nap of 2 hours every afternoon for my kids. They will have to sleep otherwise they are not allowed to play in the evening.

In these two hours, you can rest or can complete your leftover chores! The choice is yours.

How to engage teens?

Now, this is different and difficult too! Teens live on altogether a different tangent. It is quite hard to pursue them as well as convince them. But as parents, we have somewhere mastered this art out of sheer necessity. To engage your grown-ups at home, you can do the following things!

1. Ask them to clean their room and wardrobe
I know it sounds more like letting go of your burden but it is actually not so. When you ask you 3 to clean his or her room, wardrobe or even study table it gives them the feeling of being responsible. As a mother for father at any point in time, you are capable enough to do it for your child. By arranging clothes, furniture or books your child will feel independent and responsible.

2. Movie time with popcorn
I am sure there must be movies which your child would love to see over and over. Ask them to prepare a list of such movies which will be accompanied by popcorns. As it is not advisable to visit cinemas what you can do as ask them to see their favourite movies at home only. Now the question is what if they want to see new releases? In this case, ask your child to wait and divert attention to similar movies released earlier.

3. Play family games
Do you remember how our parents used to play snake and ladder, ludo and business with us? Somehow we have discontinued that ritual. While nature balances itself it is the correct time for us to balance our family. Spend time with your teens and play games with them. This will give you precious moments and a pinch of entertainment to your child.

4. Hand them over a list of groceries and vegetables to be purchased
Now don’t worry about them going outside! Mall culture somewhere affected our relations with retailers selling in nearby areas. It is time to get back to them. Ask your child to buy items for home and even veggies. This will develop a sense of spending on them. They will be able to realise the value of money as well as the satisfaction of contributing.

5. Revive their hobbies
Nowadays slender syllabus and competition make it difficult for the child to follow their hobbies. It is the correct time when you force your child to follow their hobbies and revive them. If not going to the classes you can ask them to see relevant videos and learn from them. Nothing gives more pleasure than living your hobbies. Instil that urge of learning in your child and you will see how happy he or she is!

I would conclude with this that instead of putting pictures of your travel adventures now it is the right time to show off your family time on social media. Nature has given you this opportunity to relive those moments again which somewhere air got vanished in this race of life.


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