Have you ever asked your baby for a hug or a kiss? I am sure you might have and they do not hesitate to show their love to you. They are transparent and are very explicit when it comes to expressing themselves. They just pour out their love, hatred, jealousy, frustration, or any other emotions very clearly. And noticing any negative emotion in their kid is quite alarming for parents.

Every kid feels jealous at some point but when it is frequent and intense, it affects kids in many ways. So, what shall be done in this case? If your little one is showing jealousy, you encounter many thoughts and questions about his behavior, upbringing, and nature. Well, it’s time to keep your worries at bay because we are here to show you ways to deal with jealousy in your kid.

Let’s have a look at the causes first.

Causes of Jealousy in Kids

If your child is showing negative emotions or signs of jealousy then the causes may be:

1. Over Pampered: Who doesn’t love to pamper kids? Everyone does. But if you pamper your child excessively, it makes him feel that he is the best. Whenever he encounters anyone better than him, he may feel insecure and jealous.
2. Comparison with others: This is another cause of generating jealousy in kids. Comparison is quite normal but when you do it often it may shatter your child’s confidence. He might feel inferior and get jealous of other kids with whom you compare him with.
3. Over Protection: It’s obvious for parents to get protective and concerned for the well-being of their kids. But overdoing it may cause problems. By the time child may get used to it and when parents let go of their child, he could feel alone or lost and develop feelings of jealousy.
4. Unhealthy Competition: The world is full of competition but creating unhealthy competition may hurt your child’s personal life and result in jealousy. If you compare your child with everyone and expect him to be what he is not capable of, it will shake his confidence and harm his emotions.

Ways to Deal with Jealousy in Children
Dealing with jealousy is not rocket science. You just need to patient and listen to your kid. Here are some ways to deal with your child’s jealousy issues.

1. Listen to Your Child: Jealousy is deep-rooted and affects your child’s psychology. The best way to deal with it is to listen to your child. Ask him about his concerns, fears, worries and help him overcome his feelings.
2. Inculcate Positivity: Keep your child away from things that may cause jealousy. Teach them positive feelings like love, sharing, care from a younger age. Also, teaching children about jealousy may help them deal with this emotion in a better way.
3. Refrain From Comparison: It’s better not to compare your kids with others as it may create negative emotions. Every child is unique and different from others. Push your children to do what are they good at and praise them for their success.

Jealousy is very common at a young age and can be dealt with easily. But if you feel that your child is having it intensely, you can consult a counselor and seek help.

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