Just like adults, young children too experience gas troubles. Gas problems in toddlers and babies is not a cause of concern, but they may experience pain and discomfort. If you are going to be a mom soon, or are one already, here’s all that you should know about gas in toddlers.

Intestinal Gas in Babies: What’s normal and what’s not

Gas in babies is very normal and in majority of the cases it is not a caise of concern. Toddlers and even babies pass out gas and it is unavoidable. When your child doesn’t pass out gas with ease, he feels uncomfortable this may lead to digestive problems.

Causes of gas in toddlers
The major reasons that may cause gas problems in toddlers are:

1. Change in diet : Introduction of new food items in your child’s diet may cause gas formation in tummies. Parents must opt for a staple diet for their children to avoid digestion problem.

2. Antibiotics : If your child is on some antibiotics, abdominal gas and cramping may hit.

3. Improper Chewing : Many young children and toddlers do not chew their food properly. This leada to gs troubles.

4. Lactose Intolerance: Children who are lactose intolerant, form excessive gas due to milk or other milk products

5. Swallowing more air while eating: Toddlers swallow more air while drinking and eating. This leads to the formation of gas in their tummies.

Home Remedies for Gas : If you are looking for home remedies, you can try the following tips to ease the problem:

1. Check the fluid intake: Right amount of water and fluids prevent constipation and help reducing the gas problems.

2. Teach them good habits: Make sure that your baby or toddler chews on food nicely before swallowing.

3. Massage child’s belly: Massaging a child’s belly is an efficient way of releasing gas from your baby’s belly. Massage in clockwise direction for smooth passage of gas.

4. Include fiber in diet : Adding more fibrous foods will keep your baby’s digestion calm which means lesser gas problems.

5. Warm Compressions : Warm compressions help your baby to expel gas and keeps your baby calm.

6. Avoid giving acidic food: Food items such as cauliflower, peas, cabbage, tomatoes and onions are the common culprit for causing gas. Avoid feeding such items to your baby.

7. Fennel: Fennel is beneficial in relieving digestive problems. You may give fennel seeds to your baby or else boil some fennel seeds in water and give it to your child 2-3 times a day.

8. Heeng paste : Applying heeng paste around the naval also helps to relieve gas troubles. Boil ½ tsp of heeng in water and apply it around babies naval after cooling completely. This gives instant relief to baby.

Gas problems are common in young babies and toddlers and is nothing to worry about. However, some gas issues might lead to a serious health condition. It’s always adviced to be in touch with your doctor regarding such issues. Timely medication may suppress any sever complication that may arise.

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