In this era of cut throat competition in every field and in every stream, the stress related to exams is not limited to the students who are appearing for them alone. More than often, it has been seen that parents too, become actively part of this stress cycle which seem to take the entire household in its grip.

However your stress can have far reaching consequences on your children’s performance as well. However, thankfully there are some ways in which you cannot just get rid of your own stress, but also help your kids perform better as well:


1. Help them to frame their study table

Helping your children to frame a suitable study table is a great way to begin working on your stress while also helping your children as well. Framing a routine gets you acquainted with the entire portion for exam, which is a relief in itself. Following this, you can try and identify the weak areas of your child. Once you have done that, frame the routine in such a way that emphasizes on these weak areas. When you see your children working on their weak points and preparing for the exam diligently, it soothes your stress to a great extent.


2. Ensure that you and your child are getting enough Sleep

Getting a proper sleep is the fundamental of soothing stress as well as that of performing well in exam. It is often seen that exams upset the sleep pattern of the entire household. While children keep up for last moment preparation, parents keep up because of their stress. Lack of sleep can be detrimental both to your child as well as your own health. Studies show that with lack of sleep, the brain finds it very difficult to recall what you had stored during the exams. Also, since they spend the entire evening studying, children tend to catch up on their social media accounts in bedtime.

So for your children, monitor the sleep pattern and timing and insist that they do not use their cell phones at bedtime. For you, sipping some herbal tea or taking a shower before bed time may be a good way to relax and take off the stress from your mind.


3. Take note of the timetable

Taking note of the time table may also be a good way of helping your child while occupying yourself and keeping your mind off the stress. Take note of their entire time table gives them an extra element of support as you may help them with their revisions. Not just that by knowing the timings of the exam, you may also help in ensuring that they get ready in time. Finally the most important benefit that comes with it is, the more occupied your mind remains, the lesser time it gets for the stress.


4. Cook a nutritious diet

Preparing a nutritious diet during exams can be a very good idea both for you as well as the children during exams. During exams, children tend to spend extra hours in preparation for their studies. This requires an extra boost of energy that can be provided by nutritious food. Avoid too oily or fried food as they tend to get your child sleepy and more tired. Similarly, oily food is also said to be connected with increased level of stress and therefore it can take a toll on your health as well. In fact, it is seen that certain kinds of nutritious food also helps you in bringing down your stress level to a great extent.


5. Identify your role

If you are still suffering under the grips of stress, it is time to get up and identify your role as that of a parent. Understand that as a parent, your first job is to support your child and be their strength in their tough times and exams are indeed one of the toughest times that children go through. So relax and try to support and encourage them. Your support and encouragement can go a long way in ensuring that they perform well.

Remember that you are not the only one who is stressed here. Your child is also equally stressed. So finding a way that relaxes both of you together can be a great way. A joint session for meditation can be the best solution. In fact when you sit down with your children, they too feel encouraged to emulate you and meditate with full concentration.


Let them emerge as winners!


Now that you have these very handy tips with you, conquer all your own fears and help your children conquer their fears as well! Remember when children turn to you for support and find you equally stressed, they become very nervous and tend to commit more mistakes. So try out these tips and tricks today and let your children ace their exams and know more about Child Parenting Tips.


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