For any couple, parenthood is indeed an amazing and memorable journey. Be it first baby or the second one, parents are super excited to nourish their children with love and care. While every parent dreams of becoming the perfect mom or dad to their baby, at the end of the day parents are not born perfect but parenting makes them perfect.

In this article we have pen down some of famous light hearted and lovable movies that show how parents take different paths to achieve perfection in parenting.

#1. Salaam Namaste:

A love story released in the year 2005, Salaam Namaste was starred by Preeti Zinta and Saif Ali Khan. Preeti Zinta accidentally gets pregnant with the unplanned baby of Saif and embraces the idea of becoming a mother. On the other hand, Saif was completely against keeping the baby but Preeti, being a mother takes the decision to rais the child on her own.
As the story moves forward, we see the pair eventually learning to respect each other as they excitedly work towards becoming parents to their child.

#2. Good Newwz

A hilarious story of two married couples who are struggling to become parents and have many difficulties in conceiving. The story unfolds a series of twists after they seek advice from doctors. As the story progresses, the couple ends up in a complicated situation after there is a big blunder at the doctor’s end.

#3.The Sky is Pink

This movie is a heart-warming story of a married couple who are narrating their daughter’s life who has now passed away. It unfolds the journey of this couple actors Priyanka Chopra and Farhan Akhtar. They both bear the pain of death of their daughter who had a rare genetic can condition that took away her life.The parents work towards providing their daughter with all the different experiences possible as they also try to fulfill her wishes and dreams, all before the clock stops ticking.

#4. Mini

This movie encapsulates the journey of a modern girl who aspired to be a popular actress someday. Actress Kriti Sanon who plays protagonist Mimi is struggling to become a model. In order to fastrack her success, she decides to earn a hefty amount of money from a deal to become surrogate mother to a couple visiting India.
The movie unfolds her journey and the eventual hardships she faces as her life moves in a whole new direction than what was planned earlier.

#5. Baghban

A classic movie starring Amitabh Bachchan and Hema Malini with a lots of emotions and family drama. The movie reveals how the married couple nourish their 4 sons and sacrifice their needs and wants to give them a comfortable life. The movie is all about positive parenting and its effects on the coming generation.

Parenting is something that can’t be taught, it is a gradual process that comes with time and experience. So, don’t be hard on yourself and enjoy each and every moment with your child.


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