It’s okay if you are 35 and you still have a soft corner for the scoop of icecream that you grew up eating. Whether it’s a tub of fruity blueberry or that authentic orange candy, digging into the sweet and creamy delicacy bringd back the memories of childhood.

The coolest pleasure, known as Gelato in Italy, icecream in America and Kulfi in India was initially founded in Italy. Since then, the flavor has become the favorite of everyone. Kids often jump to icecream vendors but you know whats better? Making icecream at home.

Tips for making perfect icecream at home.

● Make sure you add the flavors like vanilla, almond, choco chips or any other after complete cooling of the batter. Add them in the end just before churning.
● Whisk the icecream base every two hours to remove the ice crystals.
● Cover the icecream base with cling film to prevent the formation of ice crystals.
● Make sure that the icecream batter is cold. Don’t place it in the freezer if it’s warm.
Here are some creamy cool flavors that you can make with basic ingredients. Let’s get started.

1. Chocolate Icrecream:

One of the most loved flavor. It is the answer to all your cravings.
● 2 ½ cups full cream milk
● 1 tbsp custard powder
● 2 tbsp cocoa powder
● 1 cup sugar
● ½ tsp vanilla essence
● 1 ½ cups cream
● Cherries or nuts for garnishing

a. Mix custard, cocoa and sugar in half cup of milk.
b. Heat the rest of the milk and when it comes to a boil, add the custard mixture. Bring it to boil and stir continuously.
c. Lower the heat once the milk boils. Shut off the heat and let it cool.
d. When it comes to room temperature, mix in the cream and vanilla essence.
e. Transfer the mixture into the container. Close the lid tightly.
f. Freeze until set. Take out and whip it in a blender and put back into the freezer into the same container.
g. Shut the lid tightly to avoid the formation of ice crystals.
h. Churn it every two hours for 3-4 times.
i. Once done, set it for two hours more.
j. Garnish with nuts and serve.

2. Masala chai Icecream:

A soft, creamy, icecream with flavors of chai, cardamom and ginger.
● 250 ml milk
● 100 gms cream
● 100 gms sugar
● 3 egg yolks
● 3 tsp chai masala
● 4 tbsp tea (concentrated)

a. Combine the milk, cream, sugar, egg yolks, masala tea powder and tea concentrate; boil it in a saucepan till it becomes thick.
b. Remove from heat and let it cool immediately.
c. Place the ice cream batter in a metal container over ice bath.
d. Freeze it for 4- 5 hours and serve cold.

3. Vanilla Icecream:

The all time favorite flavor and very easy to made at home.
● 2 ½ cup full cream milk
● 1 tbsp custard powder
● ¾ cup sugar
● 2 tsp vanilla essence
● 1 ¾ cups cream

a. Mix custard and sugar in half cup milk.
b. Heat rest of the milk, add custard mixture and bring it to boil.
c. Stir continuousl. Once milk gets boiled, shut off the heat and let it to cool.
d. Mix in the vanilla essence and cream and transfer it in a container. Shut the lid tightly.
e. Freeze it till set. Take out and whip. Now put it again in the same container.
f. Repeat the whipping process every two hours for 3-4 times.
g. Serve chilled.


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