Mothers mostly are concerned about the number of nutrients kids are getting. Preparing something healthy as well as tasty is always a challenge mother’s face when it comes to feeding their toddlers. brain development and body development happens at the age of 3 years to 5 years. During this period only kids start to become choosy when it comes to eating. At this time their taste buds are actively working. Many times mothers refrain from giving their kids packaged food. It is a good habit to have. Till we can control our kids from consuming packaged food we should. In that case, here I am sharing one recipe of homemade cerelac which will be full of nutrients and it will also help to satisfy your child’s hunger.

Ingredients of Homemade Cerelac

I would suggest preparing a small amount of cerelac for the first time. Once your kid starts liking it, you can always make as much as you can and keep it in the refrigerator for a longer period of time.

1) Whole wheat
2) Chana Dal
3) Yellow Moong Dal
4) Rice
5) Kidney beans
6) Whole Moong
7) Ragi
8) Almond
9) Cashews
10) Cardamom
11) Walnut
12) Jayfal

Now once we have listed the ingredients here it is time to know how the cerelac is being prepared at home. Before moving ahead let me tell you that in this cerelac while deciding the proportions of all the ingredients make sure that wheat weighs more than other ingredients.

How to prepare Homemade cerelac

Once you have cleaned all the ingredients now it is time to prepare raw material for cerelac. So when the step by step method of preparing cerelac is…

● Soak wheat, yellow Moong Dal, chana dal, ragi, kidney beans, rice and moong overnight.
● Drain water and let all the ingredients get dried in Sunlight completely.
● Once it is dried, roast the ingredients for a while. Roast them until it is completely dried
up and weigh less.
● In a pan, roast mentioned dry fruits for just a few minutes.
● At last, break Jayfal and add a small piece of it into the mixture.
● Now, combine them all and get it ground completely.
● Your cerelac power is ready.

How to use homemade cerelac?

Unlike the readymade cerelac, homemade cerelac is prepared differently. It is prepared with the help of milk. Boil milk and add the required portion of cerelac powder. Still continuously to avoid the formation of chunks. You can add sugar or honey as per the child’s taste. I would recommend cooking it for at least 5 to 7 minutes on the slower flame. Now cerelac is ready for your toddler.

Benefits of Homemade cerelac

Well, this homemade cerelac is full of nutrients. It fills your toddler’s tummy and satisfies his hunger. This cerelac is prepared by you only so it is free from any preservatives and contamination. It is filled with Iron, Calcium, Vitamins and all necessary minerals. At last, it is a tasty treat for your Kid!


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