The festive season on its way and Indians go crazy for sweets during festivals. Coconut barfi, kaju katli, laddoos and Bengali sweets are on high demand during this season. But this is the time when everyone is scared to order due to the risk of the pandemic. Desserts are an essential part of any holiday or special occasion. I made two of my favorite and healthy recipes this janmashtmi. For all those who have a sweet tooth and looking for something healthy to snack on, I have some really scrumptious sweet recipes. Put down the unhealthy market sweets and start getting your fix of healthy sweet snacks full of fruits and nuts.

1. Baked Yogurt:

Little kanha loves makhan misri and that’s why I decided to make a healthy version of krishna’s favorite sweet. It is the easiest Indian dessert recipe I have ever made. All you need to have is just simple ingredients and you are good to go. I have kept it plain, but adding pulp of any fruit of your choice will add to its flavors. Try this recipe with mango, strawberry or blueberries and enjoy the goodness of fruits.


• 1 cup yogurt
• 200 grams condensed milk
• 200 grams fresh cream
• A few drops of vanilla essence
• ½ cup castor sugar


a. Preheat oven at 180 degree Celsius.
b. Put yogurt, cream, condensed milk and vanilla essence in a bowl and whisk well.
c. Pour the mixture into individual earthen bowls or ramekins.
d. Put some water in a baking tray and place the bowls in the tray. Put the tray in the oven and bake it for 8-10 minutes.
e. Remove from oven and let it cool at room temperature. Refrigerate it for twenty minutes.
f. Sprinkle castor sugar on the top and melt it with blow torch.
g. Serve chilled.

2. Oats and Rice Kheer:

Healthy homemade sweets

A healthy twist to the classic Indian dessert loaded with lots of nuts and richness of milk and cream. Kheer is a must have dessert for any occasion and this recipe adds a health quotient to your traditional kheer.


• ½ cup oats
• 5 cups milk
• 4 tablespoons rice, soaked for 2 hours
• 4 tablespoons sugar
• 1 tablespoon almond silvered
• 1 tablespoon cashew chopped
• 1 tablespoon pistachio chopped
• A pinch of saffron


a. Pour milk into a deep non stick pan and bring it to boil. Add rice and simmer, stirring continuously till cooked.
b. Add sugar and mix. Add oats mix well and cook for five minutes.
c. Add almonds, cashews and pistachios.
d. Add saffron strands and mix well.
e. Serve hot and garnish it with some almond and pistachio silvers.

If you’d like to make these recipes by adding your own twist, go ahead!! You can add pulp of any fruit of your choice to the mixture. These lip-smacking recipes are surely going to rock your festive season .


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