Kids’ clothes can be all over the place, and they are experts in making the place messy. A lot of parent spends most of their time in cleaning this mess by placing the clothes in their places just to find them again lying on the floor. To avoid all those things, it is good to have an exclusive closet for your children.

A closet that is open, attractive, and easy to reach can make your kids place their clothes in an orderly manner. Off late, the Guidecraft See and Store Dress-up Center – Natural: Armoire for Kids with Mirror & Shelves, Clothes Rack, and Shoe Storage Dresser with Bottom Tray – Toddlers Room Furniture has become quite popular amongst a lot of parents because of its advanced design and storage space.

The cupboard can become a perfect area for your children to keep their clothes, their shoes, and also their toys in one place. Finding everything in one place can be pretty easy for your children, and they would love you even more for gifting them this wonderful cupboard. One can keep this cupboard anywhere; it does not require a lot of space; hence, you can either choose to place it either in your bedroom or in your child’s room as well.

You might as well keep it in the play area of your children as well. The smooth, rounded edges of the cupboard are pretty safe, and children won’t get hurt at any cost even if they run into the closet in a hurry. The best feature of this cupboard is the full-length Mylar mirror. Your kids would love this mirror, and they can also get an amazing view of the outfit that they are going to choose because of the inset mirror. There is a lot of storage available, and the kids can easily store their outfits in separate places.

There are also storage spaces to keep their accessories like wallets, tiaras, hats, belts, and others. There is also extra space for storing the shoes right at the bottom. They can just wear their choice of dress and shoes and come out neatly dressed at once when they have this cupboard in their rooms.

Guidecraft is known for creating aesthetic furniture for kids, and this is one of the classic examples. The cupboard is made using superb quality wood that is finished pretty well with non-toxic paints.


• Available in several colors
• Easy to assemble
• Kids-friendly
• Brilliant design
• Value for money


• Open closet, kids can pull out the clothes easily
• Not suitable for older kids


Having a cupboard like this at home can actually reduce the effort of parents. Kids would be interested in setting up their own wardrobe, and they would certainly love this type of cupboard to be present in their rooms.

Most of the parents have rated this as a wonderful product and have given it a 4.5 rating. Hence, we recommend this is a nice wardrobe for all parents to invest in and make their kids happy.


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