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Pregnancy is a wonderful phase and motherhood is incredible. Women enjoy those 9 months of a growing belly and heavy body but after the little one comes out no one wants to look into the mirror again. This happens with almost every woman and I wonder how these celebrity moms get back into their shape so fast? It’s been 3 months and I am still struggling to get my body back. All those bikini pictures of high profile celebrity moms in no time make me feel as if they just jumped into the treadmill right from the labor bed. Is it real? No, I mean losing weight after delivery at a lightning speed- is it possible? My experience says NO. After having a baby through c- section, I still am not allowed to do heavy workouts even at home. Moreover, we don’t have that kind of lifestyle that would allow us to have a quick weight loss. Celebrity moms have personal chefs, nannies, and trainers and all of them allow the new mom to devote much time to get back in shape. My experiences of losing weight after delivery include a well-balanced diet and yoga. I have started doing light exercises and believe me the results are amazing.

Good Bye Belly Fat

The belly is a major concern and reducing the belly fat is the biggest challenge. Having a healthy lifestyle has helped me a lot to reduce stubborn fat. I have reduced almost 9 kilos in the last three months by following a simple diet. I gave a shot to some natural weight loss remedies that positively affected my metabolism. If you are a new mom and trying to reduce belly fat then these remedies will help you out.

• Try some apple cider vinegar in hot water 2-3 times a day.
• Ajwain water once a day does wonder.
• Green tea has excellent weight loss properties. Have it in the morning with a dash of lime.
• Taking lime and honey in hot water also helps in reducing belly fat.

Yoga se hi Hoga

Getting back to exercise after delivery should be a gradual process and I started some simple exercise after 4 weeks. I started with simple yoga and breathing exercises. My schedule for the day included the following steps:

• Pelvic tilts help to reduce the belly fat
• Pilates helps in gaining strength and flexibility
• An exercise ball is a great tool for tummy exercises after delivery.
• Going for a 30 minutes’ walk keeps me fit and stress-free.
• Bridge exercise helps to tighten abdominal muscles.

Getting your beautiful body back is not easy and takes a lot of effort. But I believe that your body should be given enough time to restore to its normal shape. Do not rush into things but do not be relaxed either. The weight may not fall off as quickly as you expect but sticking to the above routine will yield results and you won’t have to be jealous of stars losing their post-pregnancy flab.

Getting Back into Shape After Delivery


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