So now when you have completed the toughest three months of pregnancy, it’s time to step into the fourth month. Becoming a mother is more like welcoming a bunch of happiness into your life. Though the journey is full of ups and downs but the holding your baby in arms is the ultimate and an irreplaceable joy.

During the fourth month of pregnancy, your body experience a lots of physical changes to accommodate the growing child and there are various noticeable signs to watch out for. As a mother, you have to be prepared for the coming baby. You must be precautious and also take care to bring a healthy and happy baby in the world.

This article is all about tips for fourth month pregnancy care to ensure good health of you and baby.

Fourth Month of Pregnancy : Care Tips

Take Vitamins and Supplements: A growing baby needs a lot of nourishment and care. So, it is essential to take enough minerals and vitamins. If you aren’t getting enough, ask for supplements from your doctor.

Daily Workouts: Exercising regularly is very important during pregnancy. You must make a routine and go for walks while pregnancy to ensure normal delivery.

Get a good sleep: A good amount of sleep is very important for fetal development. Get plenty of sleep as your body is working for two people and hence ample rest is must during the fourth month of pregnancy.

Get Vaccinated Timely: Make sure to get all your flu shots timely so that you do not get in contact with any disease while you are pregnant.

Oral Care is Must : Make sure you visit your dentist for a regular checkup to avoid bleeding gums or any other dental complications.

Eat lots of Salad and Seafood : Fish is rich in Omega 3 and other minerals. Hence, a portion of cooked fish is a must. Make sure it is fresh and thoroughly cleaned. Avoid eating raw fish and fish with a high mercury content. Also, have plenty of green leafy vegetables as they are rich in water to prevent dehydration.

Do have sex : Keeping intimacy alive between you and your partner is again very important. Having sex regularly will keep your body prepared for the coming adventure. But always consult your doctor first.

Keep an eye on Weight : Gaining weight during pregnancy is quite natural but make sure you gain the required weight but eating healthy.

Fourth Month Pregnancy Care: Dont’s

● Avoid having caffeine. It can increase your baby’s heart rate.

● Do not sit in hot tub or a sauna, as the heat can cause complications in pregnancy.

● Avoid eating junk and outside foods.

● Alcohol is a big no. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy may cause fetal alcohol syndrome.

● Do not smoke, as expectant mothers who smoke can deliver babies with low birth weight and are at a greater risk of disabilities.

The Takeaway

Fourth month pregnancy care involves a healthy diet rich in calcium iron and folate. Make sure you have plenty of water to keep your body hydrated. Also, involve high fibre food to avoid constipation during pregnancy.


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