I remember the day when I stepped out to the nearest grocery store to buy some stuff, leaving my 2-month old baby and husband at home. And after coming back home, I saw shit all over the walls of our bedroom. Our little one managed to pee and poop on our white walls. That day I realized, it’s not only the mother who is accountable for a baby’s care and upbringing, fathers too must share an equal responsibility in parenthood.

For me, marriage and parenthood have been the best experiences of my life. After delivering my little bundle of joy, we (my husband and I) learnt a lot from this new phase. Countless sleepless nights, doctor visits and long feeding sessions made us familiar with the parenting territory. We realized that what we assumed was completely opposite of what we were experiencing. So, today I am going to share some valuable insights into one of the most amazing experiences of my life. In this blog, you will get to know how fathers can co-operate equally in raising a kid and what are the top 10 things for first time dads.

#1. Birthing Classes: One of the most important things I planned for my husband before the arrival of my son was to sign up for birthing classes. We got an energetic instructor who taught us Lamaze breathing techniques. These sessions taught him how to participate and be active during labor. Birthing classes are vital for first time dads as the classes bring them closer to the wife in a comical and informative way and they get prepared for every step of the birth together.

#2. Baby Gears: After spending a year of freedom after marriage, my husband and I suddenly started feeling caged in our apartment. Buying a stroller, a car seat and a rocker is always a good idea. As a first time dad, you must be prepared with all these baby gears to keep your wife and your baby comfortable as these will be a constant staple in your life for a while.

#3. Patience: Let’s get real, parenthood is a wonderful and stressful experience. Things get tough at times and mothers don’t get time to breathe. Patience is another must have thing for first time dads. Dads must be strong enough to support their wives physically and mentally. If you have the support of family, don’t hesitate to ask for their assistance when you feel your patience running thin. I hope this list helps as you begin your journey into fatherhood.

#4. Apparels: Before you get stucked up in baby shopping, investing in some good pair of lounge pants and sneakers is the key. As you will carry your child everywhere in stroller or your lap, you must be comfortable to spend lots of time and celebrate moments in life. Spruce up your wardrobe with some cool and comfortable tees, pyjamas and shoes.

#5. A hospital Bag and a good doctor: Last but not the least, fathers must be prepared with hospital essentials. Charger, pillows, birthing essentials, clothes and toiletries are some major things that shall be kept in the hospital bag beforehand.

Another must have for first time dads is to take prior appointments of a good doctor for new-born visits. After birth, you might have to rush to the pediatrician more often. Therefore, you must find a good doctor for taking good care of your baby.


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