Couples fight. Yes they do and it’s quite normal. With that entire lovey dovey talks come disagreements and arguments. It is a part of married life and a few occasional disruptions aren’t a big deal. Every couple has disagreements which when solved peacefully are healthy. But when these discussions turn into nasty fights, they suck oxygen out of the room. They hamper the child’s development and growth and have a bad impact on his mental health. I have seen many married couples having a hot argument in front of their little one and it hurts the child the most. Let’s see how parent’s fight affects the child:

1. Emotional and Mental Distress: Those aggressive and physical abusing between the parents hurt their child mentally. Domestic violence and physical fights cause emotional distress. Such sight of fights may trigger anxiety issues and other mental health issues in children. Witnessing domestic violence at an early stage lead those to turn out insecure adults with poor self esteem.

2. Eating Disorders: Kids are very fussy when it comes to eating. Regular fighting episodes at home may cause food problems in children; they may start finding comfort in food. They either start overeating or do not eat at all. It results in headaches or stomach aches.

3. Health Issues: The constant fights between parents cause anxiety issues in their children and they feel helpless. Children find it difficult to sleep at night and become insomniac. Hot arguments also give rise to behavioral issues and phobia in children.

4. Poor communication and Aggression: Seeing their parents fighting aggressively because communication issues and kids start believing that aggression is the only way to solve problems. Thus they try to resolve the issues in the same manner with everyone. Kids become aggressive, stubborn and abusive.

5. Low Concentration: Regular fighting occupies the child’s mind with constant fear and uncertainty. He keeps thinking about the disastrous episodes and is unable to concentrate on studies.

6. Relationship Failure: Children notice their parent’s actions. Seeing you and your spouse constantly fighting will let them learn the same thing and their future relationships will also suffer. They will avoid commitments and will have the fear of getting hurt.

Things to keep in mind while fighting in front of child:

1. Never abuse each other and don’t use ugly language in front of your child. Seek professional help if you think things are not in your control. Remember, your aggressive behavior will ruin your child’s life.
2. Do not scream or threaten each other. It may impact your child’s views on relationship or marriage.
3. Try solving arguments at an early stage to prevent them turning into a fight.
4. Resolve your disagreements with maturity in front of your child.
5. Never involve your child in arguments and try not to lose temper in front of them.

Disagreements are a part of married life and couples may have conflicts, but the important thing is to resolve them and work on solutions. Ensure that you argue in front of children in such a manner that it does not affect them adversely.


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