Once you complete the first trimester, fear and apprehension reduce, even if it is by a small amount. And to be honest, that’s a great relief for many pregnant women. However, new symptoms start showing as you progress. As soon as you hit the fifth month of pregnancy, you might encounter many new physical and mental health symptoms that you weren’t aware of.

Owing to this reason, we have explained some of these tips in the below section to ensure that you are entirely prepared for progressing into the last trimester. Besides, knowing about precautions during the 5th month of pregnancy will prevent worsening of your health and reduce the chances of experiencing false labor pain.

Be prepared for hormonal changes

One of the main precautions during the 5th month of pregnancy that you need to be aware of is the series of hormonal changes your body will undergo. For example, the level of progesterone will increase in your body, increasing your libido. Also, your basal metabolic rate may increase due to higher thyroxine levels. So, be sure to prepare yourself for these significant hormonal changes.

Maintain a healthy diet

You must maintain a healthy diet during the fifth month of pregnancy. During this period, tissue differentiation will be on a full scale. Therefore, you need proteins, fats, fibers, vitamins, and minerals to strengthen yourself and provide essential nutrients to the growing fetus within the amniotic sac. You can consult with your doctor to know more about the foods you must take and the ones you should avoid.

Do some light form of exercises

Often people believe that with the progress of pregnancy, it is not advised to do any exercise. But that’s not the truth because until and unless you are exercising, you won’t be able to keep yourself active. Besides, it will improve blood circulation, helps in better digestion, and improve your focus and concentration. As a part of your fifth month pregnancy care, you can also enroll yourself in maternity yoga and meditation centers.

Get some new clothes

Pregnancy can be fun too, if you know the right way. For example, when you are five months pregnant, you must go out to hop new maternity clothes as the old ones won’t fit your anymore. Besides, you cannot use them as their tightness can cause suffocation. With new maternity dresses, you will feel more comfortable, which is a crucial requirement during this point of pregnancy.

Do take care of your mental health

We often see the impacts pregnancy has on our physical health. However, we completely forget to acknowledge mental health and its issues. Pre-partum depression might sound alien to your ears, but research has shown that almost 45% of pregnant women suffer from depression, anxieties, panic attacks, and more. It can cause adverse effects on your unborn.


With proper fifth month pregnancy care, you don’t have to worry about your unborn and his health. You have to focus on your physical activities, diet schedule, and mental health. Becoming a mother is surreal, and you must enjoy it fully.


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