Breast milk has been proven to possess the most vital nutrients, which are required to the new-born baby. It is essential for building the baby’s health. Studies prove that mother breast milk contains a proper mixture of fats, proteins and vitamins.

Today we will be discussing essential Breastfeeding Latching Tips for a new mother. If you are looking to educate yourself about this matter, then review this blog.

Breastfeeding Latching Tips

Important Breastfeeding Latching Tips:

In this segment, you will find some essential tips, so read along-

  • Check the latching position; it is very much needed to be your baby remains in the correct position while feeding breast milk. At the time of breastfeeding, check the position and make sure your new-born baby’s neck, spine and head are at the proper position and aligned; those are not twisted. Baby’s chin must be in an up position, not towards his/ her chest. For comforting yourself and your baby, you can use a pillow, cushion.
  • Try to encourage your baby to open his/ her mouth; in that case, you should hold your baby close to your nipple and gently touch your nipple to the baby’s upper lips. By doing that, your baby will open his/ her mouth. The wider he/ she opens their mouth, the easier the latching process will be.
  • Once your baby opens his/ her mouth, bring the breast near to your baby and pour the nipple into the mouth. In the meantime, you needed to make sure the baby’s chin first touch your breast. Your baby should take a wider area of the areola into his/ her mouth, as it will in good latching.
  • Another Breastfeeding Latching Tips is- you should keep your baby close to you while latching. Check the baby’s nose position and keep feeding.
  • Check your baby in between; the latch should not be uncomfortable for you.

Signs of good latching process:

You will know how you can understand whether the latching process is proper or not-

  • Your baby’s chin should touch your breast, and the baby can breathe without hassle, i.e., the baby should breathe through his/her nose.
  • His/ her mouth should be opened wider so that baby can take a larger area of the areola, not the nipples only.
  • The latch should not be uncomfortable for you.
  • The baby needs to start with short sucking before sucking more deeply and slowly.

The Final Thought:

Every woman who is going to be a mom or who has become a mom recently – is worried about breastfeeding! This is essential for every new-born baby, as it builds the fundamentals of health and immunity. Breastfeeding is not an easy thing to do, as there are so many risks if you are not doing it in a proper process. It can create suffocation to your baby and maybe discomfort your child’s breathing. Several things are needed to be taken care of at the time of milk feeding. Read our few essential tips and know which position is proper, how you can understand the latch is good or not and much more.


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