Forming a whole human inside your body is the most complicated thing a person can think of doing. When a woman gets pregnant, she gets a hell lot of advice about the dos and don’ts of those nine months. She becomes a magnet for opinions and stories from her friends, relatives, family and sometimes even strangers. All this information can be useful but at times misleading also. For your ease, here are some myths and facts that will help you during your journey to being a mother.

Myth: You have to eat for two.
Fact: Please don’t. Having a baby inside never means that you have to eat for two bodies. We agree on the fact that you need to increase the calorie intake of your body but overeating is harmful to you and your baby. Increase your calories gradually and maintain a healthy diet. Experts recommend having 350 calories extra during the second trimester and 450 during the third.

Myth: Say no to exercises.
Fact: Staying fit during pregnancy keeps you and your baby healthy. Light to moderate exercise is perfectly normal unless you aren’t having any complications in your pregnancy. It relaxes your mind and is helpful for proper blood flow. However, always consult your OB/GYN before engaging in a new routine.

Myth: Heartburn means Hairy Baby
Fact: Heartburn and acidity are quite normal during pregnancy. The growing baby pushes against the stomach forcing the acid into the esophagus. The sudden increase in hormone levels is also a reason. There is no scientific connection between heartburn and hairy baby, as many women who experienced a lot of acidities delivered bald babies.

Myth: Sex is a big No.
Fact: Another old wife’s tales. It is completely safe to enjoy sex during pregnancies unless and until you aren’t diagnosed with any of the other complications. Your baby is safe within an amniotic sac. You just need to take care of the positions that don’t put a lot of pressure on your tummy.

Myth: You will get all glowing during pregnancy
Fact: The pregnancy glow is all myth. The increased blood flow during pregnancy keeps your skin moisturized and nourished. This surge in hormones contributes to healthy and bright skin. Many women also face acne, blackheads, dark circles, and dull skin during their journey.

Myth: The shape of your belly tells the gender of the baby.
Fact: According to many old wives’ tales, if you are carrying a baby high means that you are going to deliver a baby girl and if it is low then you are going to have a baby boy. But the fact is there is no scientific connection behind this myth.

Myth: You cannot take a flight during pregnancy
Fact: You can fly wherever you want. However long flights may cause discomfort and nausea. But if you are in good health and have normal pregnancy you are free to fly. Always consult your OB/GYN before bookings to prevent any other complications during the journey.

Being pregnant is beautiful, so enjoy the time and relax as much as you can.


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