Winters call for some hot and spicy food recipes. A heart warming curry on a chilly winter evening is all that we want to have. Infact, curries are so delicious that we can even have a bowl in summers too. Winters have already knocked our doors and to make this feasting easier, we have created a list of mouth watering curry recipes that you must try this winter.

1. Tofu and Mushroom Curry : With a refreshing flavor of coconut milk and lemon grass, this curry is made using a paste of red chillies and onions. This curry tastes heavenly and is good for diabetes patients. You can make the paste fresh or freeze the paste for about a month.
Ingredients: (To be ground to a paste)

● 4 kashmiri red chillies
● ¼ cup sliced onions
● 5 garlic cloves
● ½ tsp cumin seeds
● 2 tsp coriander seeds
● 5 peppercorns
● 1 tsp grated ginger
● 3 tbsp chopped coriander
● 2 tsp lemon juice
● Salt to taste
● 1 tbsp sugar substitute

Other Ingredients
● 2 tsp oil
● ½ cup coconut milk
● ½ cup low fat milk
● 6-8 mushrooms washed and blanched
● ½ cup boiled green peas
● ½ cup carrots, cut into stripes and blanched
● ½ cup cut and blanched french beans
● 1 cup tofu
● ¼ cup finely chopped basil leaves
● 2 tsp soy sauce
● 1 bundle lemon grass
● ½ tsp lemon rind
● Salt to taste


1. Heat the oil in a pan, add coconut milk, milk and ground paste, mix well and cook over medium flame for 4-5 minutes.
2. Add the mushrooms, green peas, carrots, french beans, tofu, basil leaves, soya sauce, lemon grass, lemon rind, lemon juice and salt.
3. Mix gently and let it cook on simmer for 10- 15 minutes till lemon grass releases its juices.
4. Discard the lemon grass bundle and serve hot.

2. Mixed Vegetables and Almond Curry: This recipe uses basic ingredients and is very easy to make. But when you taste it, you get to know that it is super delicious and full of flavors.
● ½ cup green peas
● ½ cup carrots chopped
● ½ cup ridge gourd chopped
● ½ cup broccoli chopped
● ½ cup spring onions chopped
● ¼ cup onions chopped
● ¼ cup almonds chopped
● 1 tsp finely chopped green chillies
● 1 ½ tbsp cornflour
● 1 tbsp oil
● 1 tsp chilli sauce
● 1 tsp sugar
● Salt to taste

Method :
1. Combine cornflour in 3 cups of water. Mix well and set aside.
2. Heat oil in broad non stick pan. Add almonds and sauté for 2 minutes on medium flame.
3. Add green chillies and other vegetables and sauté on medium flame for 5 minutes.
4. Add cornflour and water mixture, chilli sauce, salt and sugar and stir well. Now cook it on medium flame for 5 minutes.
5. Serve immediately.

The combination of vegetables used in these gravies along with the richness of almonds and coconut milk makes them a complete meal.Serve this crunchy and flavorful curries with roti, rice or boiled noodles on a cold winter night for a hearty and satisfying meal.


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