From the moment we see the beautiful smile of our little ones, we want to make sure it sticks forever. We want our children to be raised as happy kids but don’t exactly know how? Thanks to the Indian mom blogs, there are suggestions, tips, and tricks on being a better parent, but still, each parent has their own unique style of raising.

According to the Indian parenting blog, positive behavior is paramount if parents want to raise their children happy. When we always have a positive attitude towards life, our kids are more resilient, confident, and perseverant.

Here you will find some ways to help your kid thrive in every background and be happy with some easy parenting tips adopted from the best blog about motherhood:

Offers Positive Encouragement

Children require a lot of affirmation, and parents are the first moral support that children receive. So, to develop a happy and positive kid, you must use positive encouragement, and it is essential to praise your child anytime they do something good.

However, you should avoid praising them when they are wrong. Several mommy bloggers in India advise parents to neglect false praise as it can be bad for their growth.

Encourage Kids to Go Outside and Play

If you read any parenting blogs in India, you will notice that they always recommend not underestimating the value of outside play. Children benefit from running on the grass, swinging on a swing, and delving in the soil.

Nature-inspired scents, including cut grass and lavender help, lift your child’s mood, and it will provide them with an immediate surge of happiness. Moreover, the Indian Mom blogs depict those outdoor plays can boost your kid’s social skills.

Embody Patience as a Quality

Children have adapted to want instant gratification. And, in today’s world, where everything is so easily accessible, the need to meet every demand at any time is expanding. It is vital to instil in your children the belief that everything happens in its own time.

As a result, mommy bloggers in India advise instilling patient virtues in your children. Your kids will quit becoming their own worst enemies and will no longer be anxious and unhappy if you do so.

Restrict Their Screen Time

Your child may claim that spending hours playing video games makes them happy, but too much screen time is detrimental to your child’s mental health. Many parenting websites in India claim that children and teenagers who use digital devices for a limited time are happier. Encourage your children to participate in non-screen activities like sports, religious services, and other face-to-face activities.

Assign Small Duties

Assigning chores could be a vital component in assisting kids in achieving happiness. Offering kids duties from the age of three or four, according to one Indian parenting blog, can be good. Kids who help with chores relate better to their families because they are contributing.


It’s important to remember that kids don’t have to be joyful all of the time. They also require the experience of unpleasant emotions such as grief, fear, and disappointment. According to a blog about motherhood, when your children are experiencing unpleasant emotions, there is no need to cheer them up. Instead, guide and assist them in finding strategies to relax and deal with their emotions.


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