Festive season is a reunion of families and friends but every time it translates into a smorgasbord of sweets, snacks and a whole lot of tasty tempations. Many of us tend to gain a couple of pounds during this season. We stuff our mouth with those delicious laddoos and samosas and complain later about the same. Keeping a track of your health and fitness during festivals helps you maintaining proper weight. If you are worried about having a fit body post festive celebration, try these expert strategies:

1. Dont skip breakfast : Studies have shown that peole who skip morning meal tend to over eat and also exercise less. Have a protein and fibre rich breakfast as it will stabilize blood sugar and keep you active till mid morning.

2. Eat before stepping out: Before you leave your house for shopping or party, go for a quick meal. Eat salad, fruits or a peanut butter sandwich to control your appetite. This will make you less likely to fall for a temptation.

3. Make your meals healthier : Our meals get little fancier during festive season. But try to make your meals nutritious by practicing healthy cooking. Make brown rice pulao, jaggery kheer and fruit custard instead of rasmalai. This will naturally control the sugar and carb intake and will have a positive impact over time.

4. Choose your beverages wisely: We tend to have lots of non alcoholic beverages during the day in festivals. But these carbonated beverages are loaded with sugar and calories. Try to go for fresh juice, coconut water or some fresh chaas to avoid the sugar intake.

5. Avoid sugar : The toughest to follow. Festivals without mithais are just not done right. But if you are planning to eat healthy then keep an eye on your sugar intake. Eat small portions of mithais. Go for sugar free sweets and desserts to limit up the sugar cravings.

6. Survey the buffet : Its a good idea to survey the meal first and then decide what you should have. Instead of having a bite of each and every dish on the menu, choose your favorite foods and leave those you don’t like.

7. Stock up fruits and veggies : Make a meal that comprises of huge quantity of fruits and veggies. Be it cucumber sticks, fruit salads or dry fruit chaat, make it a major portion of your meal.

8. Compensate often : If you had a heavy lunch, make sure to take lighter meals for the rest of the day. Keep count of your calories and divide them accordingly. Eat wisely and remember, just one dessert will not make you fat!!

9. Serve small portions : Don’t deprive yourself of your favorite meals. Think about portion sizes, servings and eat smaller. You will realize that small portions of your favorite dessert is more satisfying than overeating it.

10. Be realistic : Don’t aim at loosing weight. You are definitely gonna have jalebis, ghevars and gujiyas every day. So try maintaining your current weight. That’s the only mission to achieve right now.


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