Preparing for Diwali asks a lot. Cleaning the home, decorations, making sweets, lighting the diyas are mandatory every year. But if you want to make desserts the lazy way and can’t find any decent recipes, we understand struggles. When you want to show your baking skills but at the same time are afraid of burning or under cooking, it can seem like a real fight. But keep your worries apart as here is the perfect list for you. This Diwali satisfy your sweet cravings by making some super easy no bake desserts.

No Bake Dessert Recipes

1. Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars: Whip these up and you will be licking the peanut butter off your fingers in no time.
● ½ cup butter
● 1 cup + 2 tbsp peanut butter
● 1 cup biscuit crumbs
● 1 cup powdered sugar
● 1 cup chocolate chips

Method :
a. Microwave butter for a minute and add peanut butter, biscuit crumbs and powdered sugar.
b. Mix nicely until completely combind.
c. Grease a pan and line it with parchment paper.
d. Spread the mixture evenly in the pan and place it in refrigerator.
e. In a small bowl, microwave 2 tbsp of peanut butter with chocolate chips for 30-40 seconds. Stir until smooth.
f. Spread it over the peanut butter layer.
g. Chill until firm. Cut into squares and serve.

2. Oreo Balls : Don’t you just love oreos. We really do and we do not want to miss any chance of using them in desserts.
Ingredients :
● 2 packet oreos
● 60 ml cream cheese
● ½ cup white chocolate chips

Method :
a. Place oreos in a plastic bag.
b. Crush oreos until they are done completely.
c. Pour the oreos in a bowl and add cream cheese.
d. Massage into oreos with hands until you get a dough like texture.
e. Shape the dough into bite sized balls and lay them on a lined baking sheet.
f. Chill balls in a refrigerator for an hour.
g. Melt chocolate chips in microwave for a minute.
h. Dip the balls into white chocolate and coat them completely.
i. Place the chocolate dipped balls again on the lined baking tray and chill them for 5 minutes.
j. Serve chilled.

3. Motichoor Laddoo Cheesecake : A twist to those authentic motichoor laddoo (ofcourse everyone’s favorite). Motichoor laddoo cheesecake is something you are gonna die for.
Ingredients :
● 20 parle-g biscuits
● ½ cup of melted butter
● 1 cup crumbled motichoor laddoo
● 2 cups whipped cream
● 1 cup rabri
● Pistachios silvers
● Rose petals
● Almond silvers

Method :
1. Crush parle-g biscuits with the help of a rolling pin. Now add them in a food processor along with the butter to get wet sand like texture.
2. Take a mason jar. Add the parle-g mixture into the jar and set it with the help of a spoon.
3. Mix rabri and whipped cream with light hands.
4. Add motichoor crumble on the parle-g mixture in the jar.
5. Add the rabri and cream mixture on the motichoor crumble.
6. Top it with another layer of parle-g, laddoos and cream rabri.
7. Garnish it with almonds. pistachios and rose petals.
8. Serve chilled.


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