When a woman gives her child all she has, nothing could match the love and selflessness she does for her children. Mothers are believed to have been created by God since God cannot be present everywhere at the same time, and you all agree with this statement. Mothers have a particular place in your hearts. Let your mum know how much you love her by making her an unforgettable dinner on Mother’s Day. Put on the chef’s hat for the occasion and provide her a vacation from the culinary duties.

Make your mum happy with these five recommended meals:

Strawberry Pancakes

What better way to start your mother’s day than with a wonderful plate of strawberry pancakes? Make her a delicious, soft strawberry treat to brighten her day. It’s the ideal meal to wake up to in the morning. Your mother will be pleased with the appearance of these appetizing pancakes, which will dissolve in her tongue to produce the mouth-watering flavor imaginable.


A breakfast sandwich is a sure bet as a Mother’s Day recipes. Between two slices of bread, it has just about everything you could want. With the time and effort you put into cooking this delicious avocado, salmon, and scrambled eggs, your mother will treasure the cheese breakfast sandwich. This is the perfect gift for a mother who genuinely appreciates all of it.


If your mother is a pasta fan, why not serve her a lasagne for dinner? Even though it’s a shortened variation of a classic lasagne recipe, I can assure you that the finished meal does not taste anything like it. Mom will be convinced that you’ve gone from novice to expert in the kitchen when you serve her this delicious pasta dish.

Raj Kachori

With so many dishes under your belt, you’ll need another for an evening treat, so make a Raj Kachori. Indians love this crispy, packed puri served with Dahi, and it’s guaranteed to bring back memories for your mum. In addition to being a terrific midday or evening snack, this recipe is fast and simple, making it ideal for busy people on the go.

Chicken Piccata

An Italian meal known as chicken piccata is fried chicken cutlets served with lemon butter sauce. With the addition of white wine, the already delicious combination of butter and lemon becomes even more tempting and one of the must-have Mother’s Day recipes. Capers, which give the meal a distinct taste and texture, are liberally sprinkled throughout the dish.


Classics have a purpose for being so popular. Kheer should be prepared with the flavor that your mother like on this particular occasion. Kheers are a great dessert to make for your mum this Mother’s Day since they can be adapted to suit a wide range of tastes. Whip up some Kheer, the traditional dessert eaten after a lavish dinner, and impress your mom with your cooking talent.

Baked Salmon

Salmon is a fantastic choice for a lighter dinner that doesn’t lose flavor. Because of its rich omega-3 content, salmon is a substantial and healthful dinner choice for the whole family. The baked salmon is flavored with lemon and garlic and cooked in the oven until golden brown. You may have a nice supper while still ensuring that your health receives its nourishment.


Mother’s Day is a time to show your mum how much you care. Don’t be intimidated if you’ve never cooked before. These dishes are outstanding, yet they’re so simple to prepare that anybody can do them. Your mums and other maternal figures deserve the finest. You may show your appreciation for them with the above-mentioned delectable delicacies.


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