Festivals in India are incomplete without sweets. Be it a party or any celebration, a box of gulab jamun or a plate full of kaju katli make it more special. A festival without a mithai is just an ordinary day for us. Mithais add much more taste and excitement to the festive spirit. Festivals have just stepped in and we all are busy in preparing for them.

Just like the multicolored clothes we wear and decorate our homes with beautiful lamps, our sweets table also needs some variety. It’s time to indulge into some lip smacking homemade mithais. We bring you, our simplest festive mithai recipes from across the country. Ditch that fancy presentation and elobrated list of ingredients and go for these super-easy solutions to soothe your sweet tooth.

1. Instant Rabri: Reduce the time amd energy to prepare rabri as this recipe is really quick, easy and needs basic ingredients. Serve it with gulab jamun, malpua or jalebi to enhance its taste.
● 3 cups full fat milk
● 2 bread slices
● 1 tbsp sugar
● ½ cup condensed milk
● 2 drops of rose essence
● Pistachios for garnishing

1. Remove crust of the bread slices and discard. Grind them in a food processor to make fresh bread crumbs.
2. Boil the milk in a non stick pan.
3. Add bread crumbs, sugar and condensed milk. Mix well and cook it for 8-10 minutes.
4. Add rose essence and let it cool.
5. Refrigerate the rabri for 2-3 hours.
6. Garnish it with pistachios and serve.

2. Rose Barfi: A chilled and mouth melting dessert that is hardest to resist. Requires very less time if you have all the ingredients handy.
● 1 ½ cup crumbled paneer
● ½ cup crumbled khoya
● 5 tbsp powdered sugar
● Few drops of rose essence
● 4-5 drops of edible red color
● 5 almonds

1. Combine all the ingredients except red color in a deep bowl.
2. Divide the mixture into two equal portions, add red color in one portion and keep aside.
3. Spread the white mixture into a greased pan in a thin layer.
4. Spread the pink mixture over the white mixture.
5. Refrigerate the barfi for 1 hour and then cut into diamond shaped pieces of equal size.
6. Garnish it with sliced almonds and serve.

3. Mawa Kesar Roll: A variation of peda that appears like a swiss roll and looks beautiful to serve on any occasion.
● 2 cups grated mawa
● ½ cup powdered sugar
● ¼ tsp cardamom powder
● 4-5 saffron strands mixed in 1 tbsp milk.
● 2-3 drops of saffron food color
● 2-3 pistachios silvered

1. Combine khoya and powdered sugar in a pan and cook on low heat stirring continuously till sugar dissolves.
2. Remove from fire and divide the mixture into two parts.
3. Mix cardamom in one part to make the khoya mixture and let it cool.
4. Add saffron and food color to the other part to make the kesar mixture. Allow it to cool.
5. Roll out the khoya mixture between two plastic sheets to form a rectangle.
6. Roll out the kesar mixture in the same way.
7. Place the khoya rectangle on a cling film. Top it with kesar rectangle.
8. Carefully lift one end of the plastic and roll the khoya kesar mixtures. Make sure that there are no cracks on the surface.
9. Now roll the tightly and let them freeze for 10 minutes.
10. Cut into small rolls and garnish it with pistachios.
11. Serve immediately.


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