If you are looking for the best couple gift that can make their every day special then Earthen Affair’s customized ceramic tumblers are the best choice.

These ceramic tumblers are purposely sized differently on the concept that each individual has a different need and different choices.

It’s half and half glazed. Comes in Matt and olive green glossy glazed. These ceramic tumblers are perfect for a romantic couple’s tea time or simply can be used in the oven. They are extremely durable and food-safe.

I am impressed by the brand’s concept of preparing personalized ceramic tumblers different in size. It represents that each individual’s needs and choices are different. It is an innovative idea as a couple can enjoy their tea or coffee in a cup that represents them.

Earthen Affair is a perfect choice for anyone looking for an innovative product that will make their daily life special.

They are made up of high-quality material that is durable and safe to use. The texture and the color of the tumblers look classy and holding them in hands feels relaxing.

Earthen Affair’s every product, especially ceramic tumblers will make you feel special and let you make your relaxing time more enjoyable.

Their Color Combination is Amazing:

Green and white. It looks extremely attractive on the table. I am glad that my wife is also impressed with it as she had recently seen ceramic tumblers in a Chinese shop but they were quite expensive and of low quality. But Earthen Affair products are affordable and are of high quality.

Their in-hand Feeling is Comfortable:

It feels soft and smooth while holding hands. I am glad that we chose the right brand for us and now every morning, we spend some special time where we discuss our plans for the day ahead.

Earthen Affair is a one-stop destination for everything for couples.

I would recommend buying the tumbler as it also works as an amazing couple gift. Whether you are looking for a special gift for yourself or for your loved one, these ceramic tumblers are amazing. You can also check out other hand-made items of the brand as they are unique, classy, and match your design taste.

All in all, I am happy that I ordered ceramic tumblers for myself and I am sure you will also be happy with the brand’s products. Order your ceramic tumbler today and let your special one feel that you care for them.


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