Pregnancy can be a life-altering and magnificent moment in time. It brings beautiful adventures and introduces you to the world of being a parent. In order to preserve this special moment for all time, a professional pregnancy photoshoot is a lovely idea. This way, you can recall all the beautiful memories.

Preparing for a pregnancy photoshoot, you must have various inquiries. With this article you can clear all your doubts.

1. What month of pregnancy should I do photoshoot?

Different photographers have different preferences related to the time for taking photos of you while you’re pregnant. The majority of photographers, however, generally advise shooting your pregnancy photos between 7 to 8 months of pregnancy. This also indicates that your pictures are short well before the time of delivery.

This is so as you can show-off your lovely and round pregnant belly but also not feel unduly fatigued and unpleasant. Furthermore, scheduling your pregnancy shoot by this mark will typically produce much more attractive images.

Since each pregnancy is unique, you may find yourself in a scenario where you have to face the chances of giving birth early. If that’s the situation, kindly don’t be concerned. You can have a conversation with your selected photographer about your particular scenario.

2. What week of pregnancy should I do photoshoot?

During 28- and 36-weeks’ gestation, pregnancy picture sessions are advised to be scheduled. This corresponds to the beginning of the 7 months of gestation and the conclusion of 8 months at the latest. The finest time to display a full baby belly is during this third trimester phase. The pregnant mother usually still feels somewhat at ease throughout this timeframe, making it easier for them to remain standing and pose for photographs.

However, in case you are expecting more than one baby it is advised to plan the session between 13 and 24 weeks of gestation. In case, the photoshoot is to be done for announcements, between 27 and 28n weeks is a good time.

3. Are pregnancy photoshoots worth it?

The fact is that although being pregnant is challenging, there is also something wonderful about it. Even while certain parts of pregnancy might seem less pleasant, you are still creating something absolutely lovely. Therefore, you won’t ever mistake taking maternity photographs to capture this transformation.

With this pregnancy photoshoot, you’ll be able to commemorate your pregnant experience and have a chance to record your excitement and eagerness for being a parent. You may commemorate the occasion with these lovely pictures and highlight how your family has developed.

Additionally, it will be an occasion for you to get dolled up and spend some quality time with your spouse. You will, of course, obtain photographs that are worthy of exhibition. Since your pregnancy won’t last forever, it becomes necessary to document this wonderful time.

4. What is called pregnant photoshoot?

Maternity shoot is another name for a pregnancy picture session. It is a photo shoot, or sequence of photo sessions, conducted for a woman who is about to be a mother soon. These can be taken during the time period you are pregnant or the third trimester. Maternity photos honour the bond between mother and child while capturing the splendour of your expanding baby belly.

A photographer may advise scheduling a session between 28 and 36 weeks.  The planning period for the shooting is not determined in advance. They advise waiting until your tummy is very round.

5. What should I wear for maternity photoshoot?

For the maternity photoshoot, you have a wide range of clothing options. It’s likely that your normal wear won’t look the greatest in the pregnancy photos. You must pick an outfit that accentuates your baby bump and offers an attractive silhouette.

A dress with a fitted top and a flared-out skirt is the ideal choice. A flowy dress or skirt looks more flattering and offers movement and material to swirl around. Generally, a dress that reaches the floor is most charming and appropriate. However, you can choose a mid-length or longer dress that suits your needs and shoot ideas.

When it comes to colours, wearing hues that will highlight your gorgeous belly is important because that’s why you scheduled this pregnancy picture shoot. The ideal colours to use are lighter to moderate shades. Wearing darker shades will only make the belly less noticeable. Also, when shooting with your spouse, coordinate the colours as it is best to not match with your partner.

Solid coloured clothes work the best but if you choose patterns, you must choose patters that are medium sized with less contrasting colours between the dress and dress pattern. For fabrics that are soft and flowy work the best such as crepe, cotton, polyester, rayon, silk or chiffon.

It’s crucial to choose a clothing that fits the weather. If it’s hot outside, it’s best to wear material that is breathable, and in the cold, long sleeves are recommended. A thick knit cardigan is another option because it also provides texture.

Last but not least, you should be mindful of what you’re wearing beneath the dress. It’s crucial to wear seamless clothing to prevent lumps and to choose a colour that isn’t visible under your dress.

6. Is 35 weeks too late for maternity photos?

As discussed earlier, you do not want to be too far off in pregnancy but also want to be able to show off your round baby belly. Therefore, it is recommended to schedule your photoshoot between 28 to 36 weeks. So, 35 weeks is actually not too far late for a pregnancy photoshoot. Third trimester or 7th to 8th month is the perfect time to capture your pregnant self.

However, every pregnancy is not the same and you may have reasons to get an early photoshoot done. It must also depend on how you feel. Make sure that you do not feel too tired to stand or pose to be able to do the shoot comfortably.

Furthermore, if you want to carry out a shoot for announcement of baby shower, it is best to get the schedule for 28 weeks. As a result, you will be able to use the images you took at the very beginning of 8th month eight for the celebration. While baby showers traditionally take place between 6 and 7 months, if your pregnancy images are a requirement for your invites, you may still organize the shower some weeks later.

7. Pregnancy photoshoot in saree

A saree is another possible choice for your pregnancy photoshoot. Saree is a pure perfection and dressing up in it for your baby belly picture session would only add more elegance. Since saree come in all kinds or fabric and is offers a flowy silhouette, it can be a great option. A variety of saree options can be chosen from when it comes to your shoot be it the colour, fabric or pattern. You can also wrap the saree in ways that will only enhance your bump and make you look more graceful.


Pregnancy can be a blissful and exciting experience for all expecting mothers. In order to capture this memorable moment, a maternity shoot is a great option. With this also comes a variety of questions that have been answered above. It is important to know the right time to get the shoot done, i.e., between 28 and 36 weeks of gestation and also the right dress choice regarding the colour, pattern and fabric.


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