So we painted the wall!!!

2+ months of being locked in our own home, we were totally going bonkers with the same old routine & that’s when the idea of painting one of the kid’s walls stuck to my elder one. She first insisted this activity as one of her upcoming birthday presents & I as a mother felt the need to oblige her while Mr. Husband took the stand of non-participation. We didn’t bother convincing as we 3 musketeers were enough.

Based on my close observation, I created the list of things we might need & proceeded with the mission.

Paints- Done | Roller Brushes- Done | SandPaper- Done | Little Brushes- Done | Masking Tape- Done

These items overall cost me around INR 5000 (Paints were from Asian [Royal] :))

Now that the expense was a little beyond what I expected it to be, the pressure I felt was intense. Primarily because my husband was closely watching us follow the plan with any comments of his own & I am sure he was simply waiting for 1 opportunity for us (primarily me) to goof up & let him take the stand of abandoning the mission & secondly, I didn’t want to disappoint my own kids.

So, here’s the honest experience: Painting a wall is a fun project. It’s a very satisfying, accomplished kind of feeling BUT it’s draining too. So, if you are planning to take it up, make sure that you have some help or extra days on hand. The most time taking & irritating part of the whole activity is Sanding walls. The thought gives me goosebumps. It was the least favourite part of the entire fun activity but worry not, I immediately ordered a sanding machine from Amazon so this part is sorted once we take up other rooms slowly & gradually.

The fun part of the whole activity was painting (obvious 😉 ) I initially followed the instructions of mixing water like 1:3 ratio but later I realized that I have more than enough paint & less patience so instead I started using paints directly from little jars.

Another point to be kept in mind is Roller Brush: I highly recommend these. The regular paint brush cannot ever beat the finish roller brush gives. These are not expensive & the only irritating part is washing these every time after we are done with 1 colour. Our story : Too many colours were to be used so too many washes.

I also bought a mixing tray & it was a good decision since the colour can be absorbed evenly by rollers with the help of this. Don’t forget the washing part again!!

It took us 2 days to do 3 walls – 2 walls with white colour & 1 wall with multiple patterns.

With regards to the activity, I will definitely recommend you to go ahead & do it if you or your kids have an inclination to art or drawing. It’s a lovely memory for them to look at once they grow up. Just keep your expectations low in terms of finishing. At least in our case, it was the case because towards the end, I was impatient & focused on completing it rather than patiently filling in every gap etc because for me & family, it’s kind of acceptable.

Do check out the pics below for your reference & tell me what do you think about it?

DIY Wall Paint DIY Wall Paint DIY Wall Paint DIY Wall Paint DIY Wall Paint DIY Wall Paint


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