Listening to cute little words from toddlers is enjoyed by everyone. A child starts communication right from the moment he is born; his first cry is the first way of communication. Nurturing a child’s communication skills is an important part of his development. I think parents should start communicating with their kids in early years and hone them as they grow. Kids learn to speak and communicate in their parental guidance and parents are the only coach who can teach their kids to talk effectively and politely. You may also go through the Parenting Blogs India which may help you more in Kids Parenting.

Importance of Good Communication

1. Good and effective communication helps kids to express themselves in a better way.
2. Good communication boosts child’s IQ and enhances his ability to understand others.
3. Effective communication helps a child to build strong relationships during his interactions with other people.
4. Kids with poor communication are more likely to encounter problems like depression, low self esteem and anxiety.

Ways and Communication Activities for Kids

1. Play Telephone telephone: This activity is really fun. What you can do is, you can make a group of 5 people ( be it friends or family) and start whispering a sentence or a message into the ear of the player sitting next to you, who then whispers the same to his next. The process goes on unless everyone has a turn in the circle. You can start with simple informative messages and switch to complex ones progressively.
2. Show and express: The best way to enhance thinking capacity of a kid. You can show them their favorite book or fruit and ask them to speak 5 lines about the same. This way, kids are more likely to learn delightful verbal communication and nurture their confidence.
3. Storytelling: It is an interesting activity as kids love stories. Give your kid a set of pictures and ask them to frame a story from it. You can opt for some scenery, colors, animals, people and other details.
4. Extempore: This activity will support your kid to think out of the box and be innovative. Make chits on current affairs or some interesting topics and ask your kid to give an impromptu speech on the same. It will prepare him for his future career prospects as well.
5. Blindfold and Identify: Blindfold your kid and tell him the features of any object such as television, utensils, mobile phone and etc. Let your kid identify the object you are trying to tell him.

Be a Good Model:

Once you have become a parent, you must know what not to do. Never ever use abusive language in front of your kid. You are going to be his role model so prepare yourself accordingly. Try to be polite, avoid scolding and listen to them. Give them chance to express themselves. Treat them as a your communication partner even if you are not sure what are they talking. Spend less time on TV, this will help your child to expand their imagination and they will learn to entertain themselves.


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