Cream tart cakes also known as cream biscuits or cream cakes are a twist on traditional cakes. They are beautiful, unique, and equally delicious. You can make letters, numbers, and shapes and decorate them with fruits, flowers, chocolates, macarons, candies, and whatnot.

For the past few months, they have been my obsession, and trust me I didn’t even know what they are called. I kept seeing these beautiful pastries on my Insta feeds and got no clue what these cute little beautiful cakes are. All I got was captions stating ” Loving this new trend” or ” Prettiest obsession”. Oh hello, please tell me more about these lovelies. I need to know every single bit of them.

So after doing a good amount of web browsing for letter cakes or number tarts, I finally got the answer. Google told me much about them and I learned they are most commonly called “cream tarts”, “cream cakes” or “tart cakes”.

So what I found is these gorgeous desserts are founded by an Israeli baker Adi Klinghoffer, who makes large cakes in the shape of letters and numbers (check her insta profile once, her work is incredible!). What’s the best thing about these cakes is that you can add many twists on the original idea and make tarts out of red velvet or chocolate cake, vanilla sponge cake, or even puff pastries. Tart cakes have taken so many unique forms these days and that’s lovable. You can make both large cakes as well as single servings out of them. There’s no wrong way to make these. Some people use the sweet-tart dough, others use a basic sugar cookie recipe.

It was my mom’s birthday and I desperately wanted to try my hands over tart cakes. I did a lot of reading and testing to see what I liked, and for these cookies, I ended up using my recipe for almond cookies! And for the frosting I used, white chocolate ganache mixed with cream cheese to get that extra stability. I used almond cookies, almond chocolate, and almond macarons as toppings.

What I like the most about them is the texture. They are soft and stay supple after baking. The moisture of the whipped cream or frosting soaks into the tart and soften in up over time. The cream layer too can be anything as per your choice. But I would suggest to keep it light and semi-sweet. Whipped cream is a delicious option or you can use ganache as well. These two have a nice texture and are easily pipable.

For the topping again you can experiment with fruits, flowers, chocolate bars, meringues, macarons, cookies, scoffs, and popcorns too. An assortment of sizes and textures looks beautiful so try keeping it a little fancy. The tart cakes taste best when enjoyed after refrigerated for several hours as the icing firms a bit and the tart base softens.

Tried your hands at making a cream tart cake yet? I would love to know about your sweet experience.


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