Recently on our anniversary, I and my husband visited a fancy restaurant having gluten-free menu. Rich in taste and health, the food left our taste buds full of flavors and aroma. For all those who are planning to shed some pounds, this diet is a must follow. So, today I am going to open the magic box of gluten free diet, its dos and don’ts and a checklist of the menu.

Gluten is a family of proteins found in most of the grains. Gluten is derived from the Latin word “Glue” as it gives a sticky and chewy texture to the flour when combined with water. Due to its glue like property, gluten is widely used in bakery items like breads, cakes, buns and cookies. Gluten is a completely indigestible protein. It can slip though the intestine and cause many harmful diseases. Going gluten free calls for a complete cut off of grains like wheat, rye and barley. Avoiding gluten means giving up traditional breads, pasta, pizzas, cakes and other frozen foods and sauces. And this is the reason why gluten free diet is extremely challenging to follow.

If you are determined to go gluten free, here is the checklist of a complete yummy menu for you:

1. 5 super whole grains: Bid a good bye to gluten containing grains like wheat, rye and barley. I have sorted super grains to keep you healthy:
a. Quinoa
b. Brown rice/ wild rice
c. Oats
d. Buckwheat
e. Millet

2. 10 wonder fruits: So here are some examples of fresh fruits that you can enjoy in gluten free diet:
a. Citrus fruits
b. Bananas
c. Apples
d. Berries
e. Peaches and pears
f. Cauliflowers and Broccoli
g. Greens such as spinach and fenugreek leaves
h. Bell papers
i. Mushrooms
j. Starchy Vegetables and onions.

3. 5 Gluten free proteins: Any meat or poultry that has been breaded shall be avoided. Some gluten free proteins are:
a. Legumes
b. Nuts and seeds
c. Red Meat
d. Poultry
e. Seafood

4. Gluten Free Diary: Replace the full fat dairy products with low fat or skimmed dairy like:
a. Milk
b. Butter and ghee
c. Cheese
d. Cream
e. Cottage cheese
f. Yogurt

5. Fats and Oils: Cooking sprays and flavored oils must be avoided
a. Ghee
b. Olive Oil
c. Avocado Oil
d. Coconut Oil
e. Vegetable and seeds oil

6. Beverages: Any beverage with added flavorings shall be avoided. Some of the gluten free beverages are:
a. Water
b. 100% fruit juice
c. Coffee
d. Tea
e. Sports drinks
f. Lemonades

7. Spices: Sauces, mustards, ketchups, pickles, mayonnaise all need to be double checked.
a. Tamari
b. Coconut amino
c. White Vinegar, distilled vinegar.

So, if you are planning to avoid gluten, there are plenty of foods you can choose from the checklist mentioned. Many healthy foods are gluten free with low fats. Refined flour, wheat flour, barley and rye are the major foods to be avoided to go on a gluten free diet. Double checking the ingredients labels definitely brings down success and you focus on eating fresh and healthy.

Cutting Gluten Down: Checklist


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