Due to this outbreak across the globe, everyone is stressed and frightened. Being 7 months pregnant I and my husband are also worried about the newborn. Due to the weakened immune system during pregnancy, cold and flu season itself feels overwhelming. A single sneeze puts you under the pressure of maintaining a hygienic lifestyle and having a well-balanced diet.

Last week I had a mild cold, cough, and headache. I got so terrified after reading the symptoms of the corona over the internet and observing the resemblance freaked me out. I called the helpline number as well, though it was the silliest thing to do. All-day long I kept thinking about the disease and that resulted in weakening my will power and immunity. Talking to my doctor made me feel much relieved and with proper medication and rest, I finally dealt with the condition. That was the time when my husband made me forgot about the pandemic by keeping me engaged in various activities. So here are some tried and tested ways to deal with the corona stress during your pregnancy and make it even more wonderful.

1. Cut-off the newspapers and social media: Ladies it’s good to be updated but not at the cost of damaging mental health. Pregnancy is the time to cheer and be stressful. Being over-stressed hampers the growth of your baby. So refrain yourself from all the social media and latest news regarding the pandemic. Avoid looking at the increasing numbers and death counts. I have been practicing this from the last two days and believe me it works.

2. Listen to the spiritual and healing music: Music is food for the soul. Listening to good music always lifts the mood and release stress. I received positive news today on my social media that in Spain, a group of doctors and nurses have started chanting “OM” in the hospital premises. Spiritual music heals you within purifies the environment. It perhaps is also good for baby’s brain development. Start practicing this exercise and you will feel the difference.

3. Bake yourself Happy: So guys my mantra of distressing is baking. Stressed when spelled backward is Dessert and I completely agreed with this phrase. As we all are quarantined, we do have ample time to follow our hobbies and develop a new one. Make some yummy desserts or savories or cakes and eat them with your loved ones. You can also try a baking session with your partner as I did and trust me it turned out wonderful. I baked some awesome recipes in the last days and will share the same soon.

4. Take Beauty Sleeps: And yes the best way of detoxification is sleep. Take a warm bath, have some power pack lunch, put the phone on flight mode, shut the windows and curtains off and sleep. Anyway, all the salons and parlors are locked down so this is the only way to maintain your beauty regime. Deep sleep in the lazy afternoon followed by the fancy and trending Dalgona Coffee will work wonders.


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