Are you new to Parenthood? If yes, welcome to the world of anxiety and panic. All parents make mistakes and new parents are no different. Think about your parents and you will come up with a list of things they did wrong.

No one is perfect, and when it comes to new parents they excel in the race of making mistakes. But if you know the most common mistakes new parents make, maybe you can keep from making them yourself. So, here is the list of the most common mistakes and how you can avoid making them.

#1. Panicking over everything

New parents panic over everything and anything. They have overblown physical reactions to spitting up, vomiting, and other things a baby does. And this is when the baby picks up the anxiety. New parents waste the entire first year of their baby’s life in worries and overthinking about even small stuff. Is he pooping more than normal? Is the color of the poop normal? Is he spitting too much? Is she getting enough milk? Does she cry more than other babies? Do any of these sound familiar to you?

This anxiety and worry get in the way of enjoying your baby’s first year of life. Therefore, avoid being anxious and enjoy the journey with your little one.

#2. Not letting your infant cry

Parents think that their job is to make sure that the baby is not crying. Parents often associate crying with the fact that there’s something wrong with the babies and we need to fix it. But the fact is that babies know only one language and that’s crying. Babies are designed to cry. They can be fed and diapered perfectly but still cry like there’s something not right with them. Because that’s the way babies communicate. You can console and cuddle them.

The majority of the time, crying is just a part of being a baby. But if your baby is inconsolable for more than an hour or has a fever, rash, or vomiting, you can call your pediatrician as something might not be right. If you think your baby is in pain, always check with your doctor.

#3. Waking up the baby for feeding

Mother’s milk is the best source of nutrition for the baby and till six months, you must feed him mother’s milk exclusively. But that doesn’t mean that you have to wake your sleeping newborn baby every two or three hours for feeding. Keep him comfortable throughout the night by feeding him well before sleeping. If the baby is hungry he will wake up to feed.

#4. Ignoring Temperature

Parents often think that it’s normal to have a temperature of 100 degrees and by home medication, their baby will get well soon. But if this the3-month-old baby has a temperature of above 100.4, consult your doctor. You should not take risks if your baby has a temperature. Your baby’s immune system is not strong and is still developing. Getting a doctor’s assistance might help you and your baby.

#5. Neglecting Oral care

New parents get so occupied with so many things that they often neglect the oral care of their infants. Oral hygiene is equally important for infants just like it is for adults. Wipe your baby’s gums with a wet and soft cloth after feeding him. Once your infant is ready to eat solids, make sure you feed him a few sips of water as fluoride in water helps in preventing cavities. Clean your baby’s tongue with a soft cloth to avoid infections.

#6. Ignoring Your Partner

The arrival of the new baby into the family will keep you so busy that you will hardly get time for yourself. But giving priority to your partner is equally important. Make sure you spend some quality time with them. Plan a lunch date or a long drive while your baby is with your in-laws. It will help in keeping the spark in your marriage alive.

#7. Fighting in front of the little one

The disturbed routine and lack of sleep will make you angry and frustrated. Do you fight or argue in front of your baby? Never do that. Fighting or arguing in front of the baby can have negative effects on your baby’s brain development. Their brain is highly responsive, any kind of fight or argument can hamper their brain’s development.

#8. Trusting unreliable source of Parenting

The most common mistake every new parent makes is taking parenting advice from the wrong people. You must appreciate that they care for you and your baby, but when it comes to parenting advice only trust the experts. You can always go to an expert for the problems related to parenting or surf the internet for information regarding new parenting.


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